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Public Relations

My Theme this year is “ Spiderman informing his friends of the American Legion Auxiliary heroes and programs.” Public relations promotes who we are, what we do, and why we matter. Build Brand Loyalty of the American Legion Auxiliary through the utilization and promotion of websites, social media, and electronic ...


The theme for this year's Leadership Committee is "Let us lead the way to best serve Veterans, the real Superherores". Leaders can be found at every level of the Auxiliary, whether or not you carry a title. Everyone has a role to play in developing and carrying out programs, keeping ...


Quarter Auction The Finance Committee will once again host the Quarter Auction. What is a quarter auction? If the value of the item is under $15, you will bid one quarter if you want the item. If the value is $16-$30, your bid will be two quarters. If the item's ...

Constitution and By Laws

"Be a "Hero" in Disguise." "Pump up your superpowers for our members and their documents." Each year, we start out by reminding Units, Districts and Divisions to update your governing documents. To start- has your Units' been done? If not, why not? The template has been designed and readily available. ...

Auxiliary Emergency Fund

No one ever plans for a disaster affecting them or their families. However, the Auxiliary Emergency Fund (AEF) is there to help with a monetary donation to get our members through this devastating time in their lives. The AEF is a nationa- based fund, and it grows through generous donations ...


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