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The theme this year for photobook is “Capturing Special Memories of our Superheroes in Action.” As your members are attending events with President Angie, your Units, Districts, and Divisions need to keep their camera’s ready to capture all those special memories of our Superheroes in Action. We would also like ...

Past Presidents Parley

Past Presidents Parley Nurse’s Scholarship Fund Past Presidents at every level are encouraged to promote mentoring opportunities of unit members. Past Presidents at all levels continue their support of the organization by accepting responsibility that the knowledge and wisdom of a past leader can make a difference. They are acting ...


This year's Music Theme is: Saluting our Super Heroes through Music. I am delighted to be your music chairman and I would like all Division, District and unit to include music in their meetings. You can use music in all parts of your meetings like singing the National Anthem at ...


”Real Super Heroes supply the facts! Historians provide the memories!” What better way to preserve history than to write down the facts as they happen! Historians do just that, we write about happenings that will have meaning to future generations. Unit, District, & Division Historians your mission is to submit ...

Gold Star

Gold Star Members are Superheroes Too A Gold Star member is defined as a spouse, mother, daughter, or sister of a fallen service member who died in service to his or her country. Gold Star Service Flags are displayed to help us recognize the Gold Star families. The U.S. Department ...


Since this year our department is filled with superherores, the slogan that I have chosen for this year is "Superhero Strength Prayers of Protection Surrounding Our Veterans." Please start encouraging all your superheroes to use their superpowers to pray for our Veterans, Military, Department President Angie Golightly, Auxiliary Members, and ...


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