Past Presidents Parley

Past Presidents Parley Nurse’s Scholarship Fund

Past Presidents at every level are encouraged to promote mentoring opportunities of unit members. Past Presidents at all levels continue their support of the organization by accepting responsibility that the knowledge and wisdom of a past leader can make a difference. They are acting ambassadors of the organization. All Past Presidents strive to strengthen each level of the organization and promote growth through positive actions.

The purpose of the Nurse’s Scholarship is to assist deserving students who are pursuing an education in the nursing field. Last year Illinois awarded 27 nurse’s scholarships. Fundraising efforts are to provide scholarship benefits to individuals entering or attending nursing training. The fund also develops resources about financial aid information for nursing students.

DATE ___________________________

UNIT NAME AND NUMBER _______________________________________________________________

Enclosed is a check for: Past Presidents Parley Nurses Scholarship Fund $________________

***Please make checks payable to: Department Treasurer and mail to: American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Illinois, P.O. Box 1426, Bloomington, IL 61702

The Past Presidents Parley theme this year will be “Honoring Our Superheroes of the Past, Present, and Future.

The purpose of the Past Presidents Parley (PPP) committee is to utilize the experience and knowledge of past Auxiliary leaders for training and encouragement of future Auxiliary leaders. Through the Past Presidents Parley committee, women who have served as Unit, District, Division, Department , and National Presidents have an opportunity to continue in active service to the Auxiliary, helping ensure strong future leadership for our organization. Past Presidents are encouraged to promote mentoring opportunities of Unit members and to continue their support of the organization. Do not be afraid to ask questions. The wealth of knowledge this Department has within our Past Presidents is remarkable. Units are encouraged to remember female veterans for Valentine’s Day and to pay Past Presidents Parley dues.

The purpose of the Nurse’s Scholarship is to assist deserving students who are pursuing an education in the nursing field. Our Units and Districts have always shown great participation in the Nurse’s Scholarship, and we appreciate your support and hope that you will continue your efforts this year. Last year we were able to award 21 Past Presidents Parley Nurse’s Scholarships and 4 Edna Mae Unfer Scholarships.Nurse’s Scholarship applications will be in the Fall Packet mailing.

Units should be sure they have paid their PPP dues, donate to the Nurse’s Scholarship Fund, and review all applications for completion before submitting. This will help to make sure the application is eligible for judging.

Please be sure to follow ALL THE RULES so that no one gets disqualified.

Our Department will again be hosting a Past Presidents/ Gold Star Banquet at Department Convention on Thursday, July 11, 2024. Save the date and more information will be available in the ALA Today in early Spring of 2024.

Janet Bacon  |  |  815-751-9344

Dates to Remember:

  • January National Blood Donor’s Month
  • January 9 Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
  • February 16, 2024 National Caregivers Day
  • February 19 (1941) Coast Guard Reserves’ Birthday
  • March 3 (1915) Navy Reserves’ Birthday
  • March 13 Salute to K9 Veterans Day
  • April 9 Former POW Recognition Day
  • April 14 (1948) Air Force Reserves’ Birthday
  • April 23 (1908) Army Reserves’ Birthday
  • May 5 – May 11, 2024 Public Service Recognition Week
  • May 10 Military Spouse Appreciation Day (Friday before Mother’s Day)
  • May 19 – 23, 2024 National EMS Week
  • June 14 Flag Day
  • June 14 (1775) Army Birthday
  • June 23 Coast Guard Birthday
  • June 29, 2024 Armed Forces Day
  • August 1 Gold Star Children’s Day
  • August 4 (1790) Coast Guard Birthday
  • August 7 Purple Heart Day
  • August 29 (1916) Marine Corps Reserves’ Birthday
  • September National Preparedness Month
  • September 15 National POAW/MIA Recognition Day (3rd Friday in September)
  • September 18 (1947) Air Force Birthday
  • October 13 (1775) Navy Birthday
  • October 28 National First Responders Day
  • November 10 (1775) Marine Corps Birthday
  • December 20 (2019) US Space Force Birthday

Department Awards for the Past Presidents Parley are:

  • Marion’s Balloonitics plaque to the Unit for the best overall Participation in the Past President Parley program. This must include a narrative and pictures.
  • Pam’s TVlanders plaque to the District with the highest contribution to the Nurse’s Scholarship fund by June 1st.

Personal Awards for the Past Presidents Parley are:

  • $10 Personal Award and Certificate to the runner up to Marion’s Balloonitics plaque. Must include a narrative.
  • $10 Personal Award and certificate to the runner up to Pam’s TVlanders plaque. Must include a narrative.
  • $10 to the Unit for the most unique way to raise money for the Nurse’s Scholarship Fund provided in a written report.
  • $10 to the Division with the most unique way of celebrating their Past Presidents at any level, Department, Division, District or Unit as reported in a written report.

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