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The National Security Program includes supporting not only our Veterans but active-duty military member and their families as well. Your Unit can be involved and support them in many ways including: providing occasional childcare for a military family, lending a listening ear, or hosting a send-off or welcome-home event. Cards and letters would be welcomed by deployed troops assuring them that you are thinking of them. Contact the Family Readiness Center for more information.

Auxiliary members can be trained to act in emergency response in times of disaster, such as floods, tornadoes, winter storms, and even man-made disasters. Perhaps your Unit could sponsor a community blood drive or assist a homeless Veteran in some way.

Raise awareness of POW/MIAs and the work being performed by the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) in the search for missing personnel. The USO, POW/MIA, Blue Star Families, Emergency Responders (law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS), Gold Star Families, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, Purple Heart, Community Response Team, and Emergency Preparedness Kits, all fall under the auspices of National Security.
Please send National Security Chairman Jill Layton at (or tag her on Facebook) if your Unit has a blood drive, honor military spouses or first responders with ‘we appreciate you’ snacks or tokens, act in emergency response in times of disaster, or anything which falls under the National Security program.

Jill Layton  |  |  217-273-3653

Department National Security Awards:

  • Firehouse Crew National Security Plaque to the Unit for the Best Overall Participation in the National Security Program.
  • Service Member of the Year – a plaque for each winning service member of the year, one per branch of service.

Personal Awards:

  • $10 to the Runner Up of the Firehouse Crew National Security Plaque
  • $10 to the District National Security Chairman for the Best Over-All National Security Report
  • $10 to the Unit with the Best Report on How They Honored a Military Spouse
  • $10 to the Unit with the Best Report on How They Became Involved with Community Emergency Readiness Training – Making a Plan for Disasters and Emergencies
  • $10 personal award for the Unit that donates the most money to the USO

Salute to Service Member of the Year

  • Established in 2003, this award has evolved from honoring women veterans to honoring active duty women, to honoring all enlisted personnel who are currently serving our country in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, Space Force and the National Guard/Reserve.
  • One enlisted service member from each branch of service as well as the National Guard/Reserve will be recognized at the American Legion Auxiliary National Convention. Recipients will attend the National Convention as guests of the Auxiliary. This is due June 1 to the National Chairman. It must go through the Department of Illinois National Security Chairman.

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Resources from National

  • How to Plan POW/MIA Ceremony
  • National Security Facebook Group
  • How to Train for FEMA’s Community Response Teams
  • ALA Military Family Readiness Action Guide and Related Downloads
  • Log into the National Website to Access these Items: Click Here

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