Since this year our department is filled with superherores, the slogan that I have chosen for this year is “Superhero Strength Prayers of Protection Surrounding Our Veterans.”

Please start encouraging all your superheroes to use their superpowers to pray for our Veterans, Military, Department President Angie Golightly, Auxiliary Members, and our Country. With all our Department’s Superheroes joining in together to pray, I know this will be a wonderful year and nothing will be able to stop us from achieving our goals.

Get the word out to all your members that I am asking all Auxiliary Superheroes to not just say a prayer, but to also write down and send in prayers, inspirational thoughts, and poems to me so that I can put them into the Book of Prayers that I am creating for President Angie. I will be working on the book throughout the year. I would like to be able to present a huge Book of Prayers that is overflowing with everything that has been sent into for President Angie at next year’s State Convention. Let’s show her how much we care for her and our Veterans. I know that I can count on the wonderful members from the Department of Illinois.

This year the “Patti’s Crafters Plaque” for the best Unit Book of Prayers will be presented on the floor at the 2024 State Convention. I will also be giving out (3) personal awards as follows:

  • $10.00 for the first prayer recieved for President Angie’s Book of Prayers
  • $10.00 to the best Division Book of Prayers
  • $10.00 to the best District Book of Prayers

You can find information and rules for the awards that will be given out and where to send your submissions below.

It is also very important that when a member has passed away, that the “member’s death notification” form is filled out COMPLETELY and submitted as soon as possible. The form is to be sent to the Department Office, District Chaplain, Division Chaplain and to the Department Chaplain. Please do not wait until the end of the year to just submit a list of names. By doing this, you are not giving the various chaplains a chance to send out sympathy cards and you are taking a chance for a name to be left off the list. I do not want anyone left off and not have a chance to be remembered at any of the memorial services. Please be sure this information gets passed along to your chaplains and Units.

Resources from National

  • Chaplain’s Manual
  • Chaplain’s Prayer Book
  • The Story of the Four Chaplains
  • The National Chaplain Program Action Plan
  • Log into the National Website to Access these Items: Click Here

Department Resources

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