”Real Super Heroes supply the facts! Historians provide the memories!”

What better way to preserve history than to write down the facts as they happen!
Historians do just that, we write about happenings that will have meaning to future generations.

Unit, District, & Division Historians your mission is to submit the history of your group as we “Serve Our Veterans – The Real Super Heroes”.

Units historians, please have your Junior and Senior history submitted to the District Historian by May 24th for judging.
The Unit winners and the District and Division Histories need to be submitted to the Department Historian by June 6th.
I would love to have updates through the months on your groups activities. Please tag me on your Facebook pages or send me an email at ibergmom@gmail.com.

The End of Year Report form, Senior History Rules, and Junior History Rules links will be on the Departments website under Historian. Also links of resources from National will be available.

A Historian report should truly represent what the unit/district/division/Department accomplished. We need to list those who served as leaders and mention notable awards or individual achievements. It is not a travelogue or diary of any officer or individual’s itineraries. The content is about the group and it’s collective members mission achievements.

Linda Iberg  |  ibergmom@gmail.com

The following Awards will be presented:


  • Name of Plaque: Pro-Bowlers Plaque
    Basis: Best Unit History
  • Name of Plaque: Ramona’s Indians Plaque
    Basis Best District History
  • Name of Plaque: Basketball Shooters Plaque
    Basis Best Division History
  • Name of Plaque: Irene Lofton’s Eaglettes Plaque
    Basis Best Junior History
  • Name of Plaque: Dot’s Apple Dumpling Gang Plaque
    Basis Best District Junior History


  • $10 and Certificate Basis: Runner Up – Pro Bowlers Plaque
  • $10 and Certificate Basis: Runner Up – Ramona’s Indian Plaque
  • $10 and Certificate Basis: Runner Up – Basketball Shooters Plaque
  • Citation Any Unit, District or Division submitting history (Junior or Senior) submitted to Historian for competition
  • $10 and Certificate Basis: To the Unit Historian who submits to Department Historian the most Unit information throughout the year
  • $10 and Certificate Basis: To the District Historian who submits to Department Historian the most District information throughout the year
  • $10 and Certificate Basis: To the Division Historian who submits to Department Historian the most Division information throughout the year

Resources from National

  • How to Record Oral Histories
  • How to Involve a Junior Member
  • How to Celebrate Women’s History Month
  • National’s Best Department Senior History Information
  • National’s Best Department Junior History Information
  • How the ALA embodies the spirit of America’s Trailblazing Women
  • Veteran’s History Project History
  • Log into the National Website to Access these Items: Click Here

Department Resources

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