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Be a “Hero” in Disguise.” “Pump up your superpowers for our members and their documents.”

Each year, we start out by reminding Units, Districts and Divisions to update your governing documents. To start- has your Units’ been done? If not, why not? The template has been designed and readily available. Same thing for the Districts and Divisions. If you recall, Department has had to change recently with the NEC revision which has now begun. After the National revisions 3 years or so ago, we changed to include Korean Era veterans. In the last couple years, we’ve made dues changes. You may have other things that need updating. There’s no better time than right now.

This is no longer a daunting task. My predecessors have made the new template and all you have to do is fill in the blanks. If you are thinking “why update, we may have changes again soon”, they can be revised again.

I’ve received some since the new year has begun. I’ll be honest, I’m looking over and making sure all things are ok. They will be reviewed and if all things are correct, you will be notified and we will send it to Department for filing.

Unit, District and Divison Presidents: please have your Constitution and Bylaws chairman encourage this to be done.  A short reminder in your local newsletters or at your meetings would be most helpful.

I’ll be honest, this position makes me nervous, so I’m looking for the awesome support of the committee: Pat Kranzow and Ann Flanagan.

Theres isnt any awards for this program, BUT there is the reward that you have done it and its complete and correct!

Marsha Haag  |  | 815-228-2133

Resources from National

  • How to Write a Resolution
  • How to Write a Standing Rule
  • National Constitution
  • Unit Guide Book
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