Auxiliary Emergency Fund

No one ever plans for a disaster affecting them or their families. However, the Auxiliary Emergency Fund (AEF) is there to help with a monetary donation to get our members through this devastating time in their lives. The AEF is a nationa- based fund, and it grows through generous donations by our members of the American Legion Auxiliary. Every donation counts no matter how large or small.
They all add up and become a financial hug in their time of need.

The Auxiliary Emergency Fund originated in 1969 starting with a donation from  the estate of an auxiliary member by the name of Helen Colby Small of Burlington, Wisconsin. The fund continues today through generous donations from our auxiliary members.

As we know, the AEF is an assistance program that provides temporary assistance to eligible members during a time of financial crisis, a weather- related emergency and natural disasters. For a member to be eligible for assistance, they must have their current dues paid and they have maintained membership in good standing for three consecutive years, the current and the immediate past 2 years.
The application must be completed and sent to National. It no longer needs to go to Department.

Emergency assistance grants may be awarded by the AEF grant committee on a case-by-case basis up to a maximum of $2,400.00. The funds may be used for shelter, food, and utilities. The funds may not be used for credit card debt.

All Units, Districts, and Divisions keep an eye out for anyone you see that may need assistance. They may not know that these funds are available to them. Take the time to assist a member in need. To all of you that have donated this year and in the past, I give you a big THANK YOU. Your generosity will assist many. The application for assistance can be found on the National website at The Auxiliary Emergency Fund also has a facebook page for members. Feel free to join.

Sandra Kirby  |  |  309-838-9065

Department Award

  • Ann’s Reporters Plaque – To the District with the highest contribution to AEF.

Personal Awards

  • $10.00 To the Unit with the highest contribution
  • $10.00 To the Division with the highest contribution

Resources from National

  • Auxiliary Emergency Fund Application
  • Expeditated Auxiliary Emergency Fund Application
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Log into the National Website to Access these Items: Click Here

Helpful Websites

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