Quarter Auction

The Finance Committee will once again host the Quarter Auction. What is a quarter auction? If the value of the item is under $15, you will bid one quarter if you want the item. If the value is $16-$30, your bid will be two quarters. If the item’s value is over $31, the bid is three quarters. If your paddle number is drawn and you placed a bid, you win! You could win an incredible prize for 75 cents or less.

  • Date: Friday, July 12th Time: 1:30 p.m. Where: Wyndham Hotel Ballroom
  • Come enjoy an afternoon of fun winning nice prizes!
  • Basket raffle/purse auction: Thursday, July 11th, 2024

American Legion Family Sweepstakes

  • When: February 12, 2024 and July 13, 2024

You will soon be receiving tickets in the mail for the American Legion Family Sweepstakes summer drawing. The drawing will be held at Department Convention in Springfield. There are many cash prizes, with the grand prize being $10,000! You do not need to be present to win.

This is a unique opportunity to help and support the important programs offered by the Department of Illinois. Please return the tickets along with your donation in the envelope provided in your mailing. Every single gift is vital and each gift is appreciated by all of us and by those we serve.

Good Luck to all who participate and a very sincere thank you

Explanation of the ALA Department of Illinois Master Snip Sheet

  • Dept President’s Special Project – Each year a program or cause with significant meaning to the Department President is promoted. Units and Members are asked for their donations and support


  • Americanism Fund – Funds donated are used to promote the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary along with jointly sponsoring the Americanism Essay contest scholarship awards with The American Legion and Sons of The American Legion.
    Spirit of Youth Fund – Donations to this program are sent to National to support the National Scholarships.

Auxiliary Emergency Fund

  • All donations are forwarded to National who provides grant assistance including temporary emergency help to eligible members who have suffered a significant financial setback as a result of an act of nature or other personal crisis.

Children and Youth

  • Children’s Miracle Network – Donations may be made to 1 or all of the 4 locations listed. Provides pediatric care with the latest benefits and innovations in medical technology, research, and family-friendly design.
  • Christmas Gift Program – Donations fund Christmas gifts and parties in IL youth care facilities in a joint effort with The American Legion.
  • Children and Youth Scholarship – Donations fund the $1000 scholarships to applicants working toward a degree in education with the emphasis on teaching mentally or physically challenged children.
  • Illinois Military Kids Project – Formerly known as the “Pillowcase Project” and “Operation Military Kids”. This program purchases pillowcases, ink and supplies for volunteers to take a picture of the deploying parent and child and heat transfer it onto a pillowcase which is given to each one of them.
  • Special Olympics – Donations are used to purchase food, supplies, etc. for the hospitality area at the Special Olympics Summer Games at ISU in Normal. Donations are also used to fund the Auxiliary portion of the facility fees at the Special Olympics Summer Games at ISU in Normal.


  • Donations are used to award $1000 scholarships to those not majoring in nursing. This does not include PPP Nurses, Edna Mae Unfer, or Children and Youth Scholarships. A unit must donate to this fund to sponsor an applicant for an Illinois scholarship. The donations received will be awarded each year in the form of $1000 individual scholarships, (i.e., $10,000 = 10 scholarship winners).

Junior Activities

  • Dept Junior Conference – Donations are used to underwrite the annual Department of Illinois Junior Conference.
  • Junior Group Donations – A Unit’s Junior Group can make donations to Junior Conference and other ALA programs.

ALA Illini Girls State

  • ALA/IGS Program Donation –Donations are used to underwrite the Girls State Program.
  • ALA/ IGS Registration – Units prepay the $300 fee to send a citizen to ALA IGS.

National Security

  • National Security Fund – Funds donated to this fund are used to promote the American Legion Auxiliary mission along with college student ROTC medals and awards. ROTC awards Include $50 and the medal which are presented at 6 colleges: Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western, ISU (Bloomington), and U of I (Champaign).
  • USO Centers – Donations may be made to any of the 5 locations to assist them in continuing to provide their services.

Past Presidents Parley

  • Nurses Scholarship – Donations are used to award $1000 scholarships.
    Parley Dues – Units pay $1 per past President in their unit. Donations to this and the Nurses Scholarship program are required of a unit to sponsor an applicant for a nurse’s scholarship.

Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation
Six Point Program:

  • Treasure Chest/Hospitality – Donations to this point are used by Representatives in facilities to buy hospitality and comfort items.
  • Canteen Books –Donations purchase canteen books used at veteran’s facilities. Resident purchases items from canteen/gift shops.
  • Fresh Fruit – Fresh fruit is purchased by the Representative and placed on the trays or in the rooms.
  • Christmas Gift Shop – Donations are used to buy $10 gift cards or gifts, wrapping paper, cards, tape, supplies etc. for the Gift Shop events in facilities.
  • Easter Gift – Donations fund the $5 monetary gift given to each veteran in nursing homes, homebound, and those in VA hospitals.
  • Accredited Local VA Nursing Homes – Donations buy what is needed and/or requested for the veteran population in nursing homes. Some examples are blankets, lap robes and slippers.

Transportation Fund (to replace Junior Stamp Program)

  • Donations will support veteran traveling to and from Medical appointments at the VA facilities and clinics around the state. This can include fuel cards, uber/lyft rides and other transportation needs.

Fisher House

  • Donations support the Hines Fisher House property both inside and out. Founded in 1990, a Fisher House is “a home away from home” for family members, caregivers or loved ones of patients receiving medical care at major military and VA medical centers. It is a temporary residence and is not a treatment facility, hospice, or counseling center.  By law, there is no charge for any family to stay at a Fisher House operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It is named after the founders, Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher.

Hospital and Facilities – General Donation

  • Separate accounts are kept for each facility. When you designate an amount for a facility that is where it is deposited. Funds not designated to a specific facility are used where the need is greatest. A representative is appointed to each facility by the Department President each year. She works with the Voluntary Services Director to fulfill wish lists and needs for comfort items. Donations fund many different things. Comfort items of clothing and personal care items top the list, but are not the only items provided. The Convention Book of Reports is an excellent source to learn how donations are spent.

The American Legion

  • Gifts to the Yanks – Donations support items purchased during the Holiday Season for veterans in Illinois VA Facilities.
    American Legion Child Welfare Foundation – Donations to this program support the mission of the Foundation to award grants to nonprofit organizations that contribute to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual welfare of children.
    TAL Commanders Special Project and SAL Commanders Special Project – Just as with the Department President’s Special Project, these are causes or programs that have significant meaning and members are given the opportunity to donate to and support.

ALA National Organization

  • ALA Foundation – The American Legion Auxiliary Foundation positively impacts the lives of our veterans, military, and their families by funding programs of the American Legion Auxiliary today and for future generations. A donation to this program enables the Foundation to grant monies for Auxiliary projects. Members and Units can also run grants from outside sources through the Foundation as it has a 501c3 IRS designation.

National Creative Arts Program

  • The key purpose of the National Veterans Creative Arts competition and festival is to recognize veterans for their creative accomplishments and to educate and demonstrate to communities throughout the country the therapeutic benefits of the arts. The National organization is a co-sponsor of this event. All donations are sent from Department to National.
  • National President’s Special Project – Self-explanatory. A donation to this program will be sent to National earmarked for the project she has chosen for her year.

Memorial donations can be made at the bottom of the snip sheet. Be sure to list the Auxiliary programs you would like the donation applied to. Also provide the full name and address if you would like Department to send a memorial card acknowledgement.

Any programs that have *** symbol by it on the snip sheet signifies that poppy funds can be used as a donation to this program.

Updated 09-18-2023

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  • Roles of a Finance Committee
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