This year’s education theme is “Education is our super power”

The Purpose of the Education committee is to promote quality education for children—especially for military children—and adults. That is a standing Rule #6, Mission Outreach programs.

What we can do?

  1. Enhance respect for the sacrifices of our military heroes among school aged children by scheduling Local programs at functions. Now days there a lot more home-schooled children there use to be so please think outside the box to include home schooled children.
    1. Join forces with The American Legion Post to present Veterans in school programs in your Community.
    2. Don’t forget to promote the events through local media and your own social media.
  2. Award American Legion Auxiliary Scholarships, at both the unit and Department levels
    1. Inform schools in your community about National, Department and any Unit American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship opportunities offered, you can use the matrix (hold up Matrix) to assist you in the remittance of ALL the scholarship applications.
      1. The American Legion Department of Illinois also some scholarships, one is a boy Scouting Scholarship, another is a trade school scholarship.
    2. Make sure the scholarship applications are provided to all local schools
    3. Make a donations to the Department American Legion Auxiliary Education Fund, before you hand out the applications to the school then you are one step closer to sponsoring a scholarship application and you don’t have to worry about the deadline of March 15, 2024. This way you have some funds already at Department office for your scholarship applications.
    4. Publicize the winners of any Auxiliary scholarships.
  3. Support “Give 10 to Education, American Education Week and Teachers Appreciation week.
    1. This still a good program for you to participate in “Give 10 to Education” by collecting donations or purchasing item to schools in multiples of 10.
    2. “Give 10 to Education” participation certifications will be available on the Department website for Units to print off.
    3. Participate in American Education week which is the week of November 13-17, 2023 remember to recognize all school personnel, not just teachers. Recognize school administers and staff with special treats.
    4. Promote Teacher Appreciation Week is the week of May 6-10, 2024 1. Contact local Parent Teacher Organization or school to see what your Unit could sponsor or donate (such as donating donuts to your local schools)
    5. Show your appreciation to teachers by designing and present certificates of appreciation
    6. Provide Teacher Survival Kits with fun and helpful item such as candy and snacks, tea bags or coffee, restaurant gift cards or items for the class room.
    7. Cards for both American Education Week and Teachers Appreciation Week will be on our website for Unit to print out and use.
    8. Encourage schools to participate in Month of Military Child and Purple Up! Day in April to honor their students who are military children…
      1. Sponsor a Purple Up! Day on April 15th in your school by providing purple items for your students to wear.
      2. Present the Military child Table at your school, Unit meeting or at your Post.
      3. Sponsor a party for military children in your school.
      4. Assist and support veterans pursing higher education, Collaborate with Student Veterans of America chapter or other student veterans groups at colleges and universities in your area. Promote the Department Mildred R. Knoles Scholarship…

The Education Committee will still collect data on:

  • Give 10 to Education, number of certificates printed.
  • Number of Veterans in School programs held
  • American Education Week number of cards sent
  • Teacher Appreciation Week number of cards sent
  • Number of Student Veterans of America Group helped.
  • Scholarships- number of applications received from student for National Scholarship

Scholarships available: National Scholarships that available on National website. They can also be found following the Department website to the National Education website. Don’t forget that

Illinois scholarships include:

  • Illinois Scholarship for Junior Members
  • Ada Mucklestone Memorial Scholarship
  • Mildred R. Knoles Scholarship

Student who have received an Education scholarship in the past may again apply for the Mildred R. Knoles scholarship in their Sophomore, Junior and Senior years in College and graduate work. This application should not be given to the high school counselors!!

District Presidents, please remind your Unit that they need to read the rules carefully, and contribute to the Department Education Fund before March 15, 2024. The Education committee does not want to disqualify anyone for carelessness. If you need to make a checklist of everything requires for each induvial scholarship application.

  • Illinois scholarships will remain at $1,000 each, and we will award as many scholarships as funds permit.
  • We will continue to use the Education Matrix that outlines all of the National, and Department Scholarships.
  • Each Unit may submit the following.
  • Only one application for only of the Illinois scholarship, either Illinois Scholarship for a Junior member
    • Or Ada Mucklestone Memorial Scholarship
    • Or Mildred R. Knoles Scholarship.
  • If you additional applicants please contact another Unit to see if they have paid in to the Department Education Fund and can sponsor that scholarship applicant.

Please remember that Past President Parley has there Scholarship for Nurses and Children and Youth have their own scholarship also.

Units must donate to the Education fund before March 15, 2024 Ask your Units, Counties, District and Divisions to make initial contributions and possible hold fund raises for additional contributions later. Memorial gifts may also be designated for the Department Education Fund.

Please read carefully all rules and application requirement for all the different scholarships. Make sure that the scholarship application and required paperwork are sent in before the deadline.

Department Awards

  • Ruby’s Canteen Dancers Plaque- to the Unit for the best overall participation in the Education program-judged from report.
  • BRAND NEW is Janet’s Huggy Bears Plague- in recognition of the largest donation from a single source to the Education Fund by May 15th

Personal Awards

  • $10.00 runner –up to the Ruby’s Canteen Dancers Plaque
  • Certificate of Appreciation –to all Units contributing a full scholarship including Memorials

The Education committee consists of Carollee Junge, Kathy Cisna and myself.

Barb Howe  |  |  815-355-0253

Resources from National

  • Scholarship Press Release Template
  • Give 10 to Education Suggested Donation Items
  • How to Organize a School Supply Drive
  • How to Partner with Schools to Incorporate Mission Related Projects
  • Log into the National Website to Access these Items: Click Here

Department Resources

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