Public Relations

My Theme this year is “ Spiderman informing his friends of the American Legion Auxiliary
heroes and programs.”

Public relations promotes who we are, what we do, and why we matter. Build Brand Loyalty of the American Legion Auxiliary through the utilization and promotion of websites, social media, and electronic communications. When reporting to the media; gather correct and pertinent information with who, what, when, where, why, and how. Always be prepared to help a fellow hero:

  • Radio and television interviews give you a short, allotted time. When interviewed, be like Spiderman and know exactly what you want to say, so the interviewer is not asking a lot of questions.
  • When submitting newspaper articles, they need to be short, sweet, and to the point. If a newspaper person comes to your event, have a story prepared for them.
  • When using social media. Be Precise. Our American Legion Auxiliary Brand is our identity. Wear your American Legion Auxiliary apparel and pins out and about. Branding makes us appealing to the public and they will understand our common goal of helping our hero veterans and their families.

I will be compiling a press book for President Angie. Please send me the whole page of your newspaper article that appears in the newspaper, fliers, and pictures from social media.

Jami McIntyre  |  | 630-870-8173

This year Senior awards will be as follows:

  • Burn’s Reel Stars Plaque- For best Unit Press Book Submitted
  • Julia’s Musicians Plaque- For best District Press Book Submitted
  • $10 Gift card for Runner up- For Burn’s Reel Stars Plaque
  • $10 Gift card for Runner up- For Julia’s Musicians Plaque

This year Junior awards will be as follows:

  • Junior Class I & II – $5 gift card for JR unit most outstanding Press Book
  • $5 gift card for Runner Up- For JR unit most outstanding Press Book

Resources from National

  • How to Write a News Release
  • How to Develop a Website
  • ALA Brand Guide
  • Public Relations Tool Kit
  • Log into the National Website to Access these Items: Click Here

Department Resources


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