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There’s no need to fear our super volunteers are here” is my theme for the 23-24 ALA service year.

We’ve had some tough times being able to volunteer in our Veterans homes, hospitals and CBOCs the last few years. As restrictions are being lifted, it is time to let everyone know we are ready to serve.

Currently we have several facilities that need an ALA representative to coordinate volunteers, activities, and donations.

The following facilities need Representatives or Deputies.

  • Illinois Veterans Home at LaSalle needs a Representative. Laurinda will take over Deputy duties.
  • Decatur VA Outpatient Clinic needs a Representative.
  • Bob Michel VA Outpatient Clinic, Peoria needs a Representative.
  • Chicago Outpatient Clinic needs a Representative.
  • Jesse Brown VA needs a Deputy to help JoAnn Keenan
  • Illiana VA needs a Deputy to help Patti Williamson and
  • Illinois Veterans Home at Manteno needs a Deputy to help Sandy Britt

We are all busy people, but if you can find some time in your schedule to give to veterans, please let me or the Department Office know, and we will get you set up with a Facility Voluntary Services Chief.

We will be having an Informational meeting on September 15 at the Department Office in Bloomington to update all our Reps and Deps on procedures. It will be a good time to meet with our experienced Reps and Deps for ideas. They are a wonderful resource.

As a reminder, Hospital Service is provided to a veteran at a VA facility. Illinois Veterans Home is counted as Service to Veterans and helping a veteran in his/her home, such as cooking a meal, cleaning, preparing taxes, sending cards, shopping, if you transport the veteran to an appointment. I want to remind you that Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation: A Guide for Volunteers is available by contacting the Department Office at a cost of $3.00. The guide will have two sections: Hospital Service Hours and Service to Veterans Hours. It will explain what is acceptable to receive Service to Veterans hours. Now might be a good time to review the guidelines with members who might volunteer.

Information regarding services will be printed in the September issue of the ALA Today. Additional information can be obtained through the National Website.

Remember that Volunteer hours run from April 1 to March 31. Donations made to the facilities is April 1 to March 31.

You can send your hours to me, and I can get them added to my spreadsheet. If that won’t work for you, send them to Department and I will enter them in database and mail a worksheet back to you.

The Department Awards are as follows:

  • $15.00 – To the VAVS volunteer serving the greatest number of hours, excluding Representatives/Deputies.
  • $15.00 – To the “Service to Veterans” volunteer serving the greatest number of hours for a Junior.
  • $15.00 – To the “Service to Veterans” volunteer serving the greatest number of hours for a Senior.

Personal Awards:

  • $10.00 – Illinois Veterans Home volunteer serving the most hours for the year excluding Representatives/Deputies.

I want to send this big “Thank You” to all our units who currently help support the Veteran’s facility in their district through monetary donations and/or In-Kind donations. If you don’t know which facility that is, it will be in the September ILA Newsletter. I am also sending out a plea to the units who have neglected to help either financially or through in-kind donations to their facilities. If you are a small unit, every little bit helps. A bake sale, a door collection at meetings or at a Post/Unit event, or your poppy money. If each of us gives a little, we just might end up with a lot. Its for our veterans.
Remember the ALA motto: “Service not Self”.

Cinda Held  |  |  217-343-5314

Below are the Dates for the Veteran Outreaches (revitalizations) by Division.

  • Sept 28-29-30 Division 2 Aurora
  • October 5-6-7 Division 1 , 5th Distict
  • October 12-13-14 Division 5 Mt. Vernon
  • October 19-20-21 Division 2 Beliverdere 77
  • October 26-27-28 Division 3 20th District
  • November 2-3-4 Division 4 Carlinville

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