Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation

My theme this year is: “Be a Hero, to our Super Heroes”

The Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Committee is to promote programs and services that assist and enhance the lives of veterans and their families, ensuring restoration and/or transition to normally functioning lives.

What can we do? By getting involved:

  • Supporting the therapeutic rehabilitation and healing of veterans by raising awareness of healing through arts, crafts, and hobbies. Donating supplies to veteran centers, hospitals, or homes.
  • Learn who is considered a caregiver. This will help you identify caregivers in your community and maybe even as a caregiver yourself.
  • Volunteer at local VA facilities, including state VA facilities in your area.
  • Collaborate with organizations that support veterans and their families, such as Wreaths Across America, Honor Flight Inc., and the Military and Veteran Caregiver Network.
  • Look in your community for opportunities to support veterans, their caregivers, their families, and their survivors.
    • It may just be to offer to run errands for a caregiver or to sit with a veteran while the caregiver runs errands
    • Buying school supplies for children of veterans
    • Sending care packages to veteran children who are headed to college

Above all, report your ALA service to Veterans Hours to your unit VA&R chair.

Department Awards this year will be:

  • Teri’s Firecracker Plaque– To the Unit for best overall participation in the VA&R Program as proven by a narrative submission
  • Carollee’s Cookies Plaque– To the District with the best overall participation in the VA&R Program as proven by a narrative submission.

Kate Weber  |

Personal Awards:

  • $10.00 to the Unit with the most donations to the Creative Arts Festival
  • $10.00 To the District with the most Quilts made for the Auilt of Valor Program

Resources from National

  • How to Support the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival
  • How to Facilitate a Local Veterans Creative Arts Festival
  • How to Plan a Stand Down
  • How to Recruit for the VA & R VAVS
  • How to Volunteer with VAVS
  • Log into the National Website to Access these Items: Click Here

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