The theme for this year’s Leadership Committee is “Let us lead the way to best serve Veterans, the real Superherores”.

Leaders can be found at every level of the Auxiliary, whether or not you carry a title. Everyone has a role to play in developing and carrying out programs, keeping the unit on track, and being aware of other members and their individual needs. Teamwork is what makes it possible to carry out our mission, and the more you know, the more you can contribute.

The past few years we have had break-out classes at Department Convention. They have been well recieved and attended, so these will continue at the next Department Convention. More information will follow as the classes are scheduled. Please let me knowif you have suggestions for a particular subject you would like to see covered.

But, don’t wait for next summer’s convetion. Please schedule leadership classes at your unit, district, and division levels. At your unit and district meetings, cover leadership topics: these can be done through hand-outs, discussions, or chairman reports.

You will find many ideas on the National website, www.legion-aux.org. Just type in “leadership” in the search box. You can find self-paced courses you can take on any device and at any time (even during a meeting), as well as live webinars. There is a Facebook group for leadership, which you can sign up for. There you can find a power presentation, several basic courses, the unit guide book, and the ALA Academy.

The Leadership Chairman also recognizes the Unit Member of the Year at the annual Department Convention. Every unit has that member who is always there to help, whether in the background or in charge of committees. Please recognize this member for all he/she does. In addition to honoring them at your end of year meeting, submit them for the Department Award, Diana’s Hats Off to You plaque.

Cathy Zito  |  cczito3228@yahoo.com  | 847-560-0459

The Leadership Committee includes:

  • First Division: Pat Kowalski
  • Second Division: Barb Howe
  • Third Division: Sue DeDecker
  • Fourth Division: Debbie Myles
  • Fifth Division: Julie Tebbe

The award for leadership are as follows:

  • Department Award
  • Diana’s Hats Off to You Plaque to the Unit Member of the Year

Personal Awards

  • $10.00 to the Unit having the most Senior members at a Unit leadership class
  • $10.00 to the District having the most Senior members at a District leadership class
  • $10.00 to the Division having the most Senior members at a Division leadership class
  • $10.00 to any Unit sending one or more Junior members to a Unit, District, or Division Senior Leadership Class

Resources from National

  • Junior and Senior Leadership Course
  • How to be a Good Leader
  • Officers Duties and Responsibilities
  • ALA Protocol Presentation and Quiz
  • How to Live a Culture of Goodwill
  • Log into the National Website to Access these Items: Click Here

Department Resources

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