This year’s theme is “Serving Our Veterans: The REAL Super Heroes”

Our Legislative program is under the direction of the American Legion. We support their initiatives by the strength of our numbers in membership.

We are non-partisan: never choosing a party or who to vote for as a group, but we are a part of a team, fighting for our Veterans rights. We must hold our elected officials accountable when they vote for or against our Veterans welfare.

The easiest and most powerful way to stay informed about what is happening is to sign up for alerts. The link is the same as last year and is on the website under programs and the Legislative tab. Here is another way, write it down if you want voter voice.net/American Legion/home After you sign up, and get one of the mass emails sent to you, you just add your approval and send. You can get all the Legions agenda at legion.org/legislative

The Department Legislative awards for 2023-2024 are:

  • The1978 Sluggers Legislative Plaque goes to the Unit with the best overall participation in the Legislative Program.


  • A $10.00 personal award will be given to the runner up of the 1978 Sluggers plaque
  • A $10.00 personal award will be given to the member receiving the most replies from their legislators both national, state and local as reported to this chairman.

This concludes my report, so till next time… STAY SAFE and HEALTHY and GOD BLESS AMERICA

Arlene Holtgrave  |  ahilaux83@gmail.com

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