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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

Service to Veterans

CInda Held

American Legion Auxiliary members who serve as volunteers at VA Medical Centers, Fisher Houses, and other VA facilities and 
Illinois Veteran Homes fill vital roles.

Hospital Service (Hours run from April 1st to March 31st)
Hospital Service volunteers provide service to veterans in a VAMC facility. Hours are kept by the volunteer on a form provided.

Please do not duplicate your hours. This form is to be submitted to the American Legion Auxiliary Representative of that facility for approval which she will sign in the lower right hand corner.  If you do not have the form, a blank form will be available online. After the first 50 hours of service, the volunteer may purchase a Hospital Service pin from the Department Office for $17.00.

Service to Veterans (Hours run from April 1st to March 31st)
Service to veterans are hours are given to volunteers who provide service to veterans outside a VAMC. Whether volunteering at Illinois Veteran Homes (LaSalle, Manteno, Quincy and Anna), non-referral nursing homes, daycare centers and foster homes, which house veterans. Also organizing a Stand Down, assisting a veteran in his/her own home, assembling care packages/tray favors/greeting cards, assisting with a veteran’s burial or gravesite, sewing, cooking or shopping for active-duty military/veterans and/or their families, etc. The form is to be signed by the American Legion Auxiliary Representative at the Illinois Veterans Home. All other hours may be verified by the Unit VA&R Chairman or the Unit President.

All hour sheets for both Hospital and Service to Veterans should be sent to Cinda Held, 101 W N 3rd St., Strasburg, IL 62465. After the first 50 hours, the volunteer may purchase a Service to Veterans pin from the Department Office for a cost of $17.00

• All monetary donations for the VA Hospital and/or Illinois Veterans Home must be sent directly to the ALA Dept. Office. Make Checks payable to Department Treasurer ALA and earmark it for the Purpose and the facility the donation goes to.

• You may contribute to any of the facilities under our program but we ask that units fulfill the obligations to their assigned facility first

DISTRICT 1 THRU 9: Jesse Brown VA Medical Center and Hines VA Medical Center

DISTRICT 7, 9 & 10: James A. Lovell Federal Health Care

DISTRICT 11: Illinois Veterans Home Manteno

DISTRICT 12 & 13: Illinois Veterans Home LaSalle

DISTRICT 14 & 15: Illinois Veterans Home Quincy and Bob Michel Outpatient Clinic

DISTRICT 16: Illinois Veterans Home Quincy and LaSalle Vets Home and Bob Michel Outpatient Clinic

DISTRICT 17: Illiana VA Medical Center, Illinois Veterans Home Manteno, Bob Michel Outpatient Clinic

DISTRICT 18: Illiana VA Medical Center, Illinois Veterans Home Manteno, Mattoon  Outpatient Clinic and Springfield Outpatient Clinic

DISTRICT 19: Illiana VA Medical Center, Illinois Veterans Home Manteno, Decatur,  Springfield and Mattoon Outpatient Clinic

DISTRICT 20: Illinois Veterans Home Quincy

DISTRICT 21: Illiana VA Medical Center, Illinois Veterans Home Quincy, Decatur Outpatient Clinic and Springfield Outpatient Clinic

DISTRICT 22 – 25: Marion VA Medical Center, Illinois Veterans Home Anna, Jefferson Barracks and John Cochran

WHEN DELIVERING ITEMS TO THE FACILITIES: Enclose an itemized list in each box of all articles,  include the Unit name, number, and District: include the name, address and phone number of the person to receive the credit slip. Leave a copy of the itemized list with our Auxiliary Representative or Deputy

OUT OF STATE VA MEDICAL CENTERS: For the MO facilities, send a copy of your donations to the Illinois Auxiliary Associate Rep- resentative. If you donate to any other facility outside of Illinois, please send a copy of the list of items and send to Cinda Held, Service to Veterans/Hospital Service Dept. Chairman, 101 W N 3rd St., Strasburg, IL 62465. A credit will be sent to you for the items donated.

My theme for this year is “Past Volunteers inspire future Volunteer Service”

As a reminder, if you volunteer for both Hospital Service and Service to Veterans you have 2 options of how to record the hours. You can record both hours on the same Hour Form or make a copy of the sheet with your name on it and record your hours separately. That is up to you. Hospital Service is provided to a veteran at a VA facility. Service to Veterans is for volunteering in Illinois Veterans Home, helping a veteran in his/her home, such as cooking a meal, cleaning, preparing taxes, or if you transport a veteran to an appointment, etc. For more information The Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation: A Guide for Volunteers is available at the Department Office at a cost of $3.00. The guide will have two sections: Hospital Service Hours and Service to Veterans Hours. It will explain what is acceptable to receive Service to Veterans hours.

Information regarding Hospital services will be printed in the September issue of the ALA Today. Additional information can be obtained thru the National Website.

Remember that Volunteer hours and Donations made to facilities is April 1 to March 31.

We will not be having a Fall Rep/Dep this year. Instead Representatives and Deputies will receive a packet in September of forms you will need this year. While everyone enjoyed the fellowship at the meetings, some felt it was a financial burden to attend so we will try this.

The Department Awards are as follows:
$15.00 - To the VAVS volunteer serving the greatest number of hours, excluding Representatives/Deputies.
$15.00 - To the “Service to Veterans” volunteer serving the greatest number of hours for a Junior.
$15.00 - To the “Service to Veterans” volunteer serving the greatest number of hours for a Senior.

Personal Awards:
$10.00 - Illinois Veterans Home volunteer serving the most hours for the year excluding Representatives/Deputies.

VAVS (Hospital Service)
• One way is through “hospital service”. A volunteer serves veterans of VA Hospitals and through health clinics (CBOCs). These volunteers allow the hospitals and facilities to concentrate on other priorities. Volunteers help with bingos, collecting supplies, make popcorn, make telephone calls and provide many other services.

The following are facilities where a volunteer may earn “Hospital Hours”
Illiana Health Care System, Danville
Hines VA, Hines
Jesse Brown West Side VA, Chicago
Marion VA, Marion
Capt. James A. Lovell FHCC, North Chicago
Decatur VA Outpatient Clinic, Mattoon
Bob Michel Outpatient Clinic, Peoria
Springfield Outpatient Clinic, Springfield
John Cochran VA, St. Louis
Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis

• Hospital Representatives should schedule their Annual Joint Review in the fall, so it can be forwarded to Pat Kranzow, VA&R National Vice-President.

• When filling out Hour forms for credit, volunteers should make sure they check the correct box and be specific as to how the veteran was served.

Unit Itemized list
Hour Record Form

Service to Veterans
• A second way to serve veterans is through “Service to Veterans”. A volunteer can earn hours serving at Illinois Veterans Homes:
Illinois Veterans Home, Anna
Illinois Veterans Home, LaSalle
Illinois Veterans Home, Manteno
Illinois Veterans Home, Quincy
or other private nursing facility where a veteran resides.

• An ALA member can also earn “Service to Veteran” hours by helping a veteran in their home and community.
• Some examples are:
Shopping for a veteran
Making and sending Greeting cards
Drive veteran to doctor appointment
Stay with veteran while caregiver takes a break
Provide for veterans in transitional homes
Donate a membership

• Units can collectively serve veterans through donations of needed items at VA facilities. When sending items, an itemized list for each box so the unit can get proper credit.

• Remember the fiscal year for “Hospital Service” and “Service to Veterans” hours is April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020.
For more information:
Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation: a guide for volunteers This guide is available through the Department Office for $3 or click the link below. It explains how Auxiliary member can volunteer.

Service to Veterans/Hospital Service Pin Order Form