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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

Gold Star

Chairman Debbie Hancock

We honor those who loved and lost loved one who were enlisted, drafted, Inducted, or commisioned into active duty of the United States military during designated dates set by the Government of the United States.  They are members who wear our Auxiliary membership pin which displays a Gold Star, all other member's pin have a blur star.

The Gold Star signifies the blue star has turned to Gold by the death of the relative while in service.  Death in service means there is no delineration between "killed in combat" and "dying" so long as death in not caused by the individual's own willful misconduct.

By the National Executive Committee of The American Legion in meeting assembled May 3 - 4, 1967 (and as amended) according to the dates listed for termination of combat activities and hostilities, the Mother of the deceased would be classified as a Gold Star Mother.  A widow, sister, or daughter of one who died under the conditions is a Gold Star Member.

Even though the National Organization of the American Legion Auxiliary has no formal Gold Star Program, Departments may do so.  The purpose of Illinois program is to recognize and honor these special members as they continue to serve veterans through service of the American Legion Auxiliary.

This year, we will continur our Gold Star Member of the Year recognition. Units will be asked to write the activities and accomplishments of their selected Gold Star member and submit their entry for competition.  We will also continue the Gold Star Poem Contest for Unit Member's participation.  As award will also be given to the unit enrolloing the most New Gold Star members.  To enter, a unit should write at the top of the application GOLD STAR MOTHER or MEMBER and send a copy of the application to this chairman.  Watch for rules concerning these entries in a future ALA TODAY issue.  Be prepared to submit your entries ON TIME!

As we enroll these special members, please remember to welcome them and include them in Unit Activities.  Listen to their ideas, and perhaps hold a dinner or tea in their honor and invite other women's organizations to meet them.  Membership dues can be paid by the Unit, Gold Star pins presented; and cards sent on special occasions are a few suggestions of ways to honor these ladies.  They have much to give and have given much, they are our "Gold" star members.  As a "result of their loss" let us remember and remind others through our "Acts of Love"!