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American Legion Auxiliary
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Constitution and By Laws

Patricia Sienkiewicz
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In accordance with ARTICLE VII – AMENDMENTS, Section 1, of the Department Constitution and ARTICLE X – AMENDMENTS of Department Bylaws, call is hereby issued for such proposed revisions to reach Depart-ment Headquarters NO LATER THAN APRIL 1, 2021.

As stated in ARTICLE VII and X, all suggested amendments proposed will be sent to each Unit and District, as required, sixty days before the Department Convention, JULY 15, 16, 17, 2021. Final action will be taken at the Department Convention in Springfield, Illinois.

Each proposed revision must be submitted in triplicate. Each must also be sponsored by a Unit or signed by two members in good standing in the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Illinois.

Celebrate 100 facets in your Diamond years of updating.

Is your Constitution, By-Laws and Standing Rules a Diamond or are they still in the ROUGH?  It is important now more than ever before to have concise and precise updated governing documents, known as Constitution, By-Laws and Standing Rules.  Updated documents allow questions about the American Legion Auxiliary its governance, its programs, and eligibility to be answered easily, and ihat is a benefit to all members.  Our Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules ensure we are operating according to our agreed upon rules.

National's purpose states these documents are to inform and educated the members of the American Legion Auxiliary on the importance and POWER of properly written, reviewed and updated documents, policies and procedures at all levels.

Our Constitution is our Articles of Incoporation, they rarely need updating, Our By-Laws give an overview of our programs, officers, eligibility and finances, they occasionally need to be updated maybe every 5 - 10 years.  The Standing Rules are  more precise and can change quite frequently, to keep up with the times and situtations.  These can be changed with minimal efffort.  Better written bylaws at all levels of the organization are the foundation for better behavior by members.

Standing Rule 25 of the Department By-Laws states: All Units will have a current copy of their Constitution, By-Laws, and Standing Rules on file in the Department Office. 

Standing Rule 26 States: All Units will follow the format adopted by the Department in writing their Constitution and By-Laws.

The Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics should also be adopted for use on all levels of the organization. 

Check the Department website for copies of these.  We are asking each unit to download the template from our webbsite.  Changes will automatically be updated and Units will not have to type them in.

National will be discussing several changes. One is the changing of the word wife to spouse in the eligibilty section.  Congress has also passed opening eligibility on The American Legion level.  When this is signed by the President of The United States, and THe American Legion has instituted this we will then update our documents to correspond.  Any changes will be posted in the ALA Today and on the website.

There are no awards given on this chairmanship, but you will each receive a reward of a more clear understanding from your members with properly written updated and approved documents.  Like a beautiful 100 facet diamond, it is appreciated by all and holds priceless rewards with happy knowledgeable members.

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