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Constitution and ByLaws

Judy Zimmerman

“The Constitution and Bylaws are our Rules of the Road to Follow to Serve and Protect” is the theme this year for this committee. As we begin the new year, we need to review our Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules for our Units, Counties, Districts and Divisions. When was the last time you reviewed your Constitution and Bylaws along with the Standing Rules? Now is the time to review these documents and get them approved by Department. Changes that were made at the Convention in July will be available for sale on Caravans this fall. Be sure to purchase one so you will be up to date on all the current changes.

Now is the time to be sure all money issues have been taken out of the Bylaws and made Standing Rules so these items may be changed at any given meeting with a vote of those present. Be sure to use the template of our current Constitution and Bylaws that is on the website – remember your Constitution and Bylaws cannot conflict with the Department or National Constitution and Bylaws.

When submitting your Constitution and Bylaws and Standing Rules, please include a cover sheet with the name, address, phone number and e-mail address of the person who is submitting them so I can contact them easily. Send a copy of your document to this chairman for approval, keeping the original in your Unit, County, District, or Division. I will contact you once approved. Send to Judy Zimmerman, 5531 Oak St., Highland, IL 62249-3155.

2017 Constitution and Bylaws Proposed Changes

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