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American Legion Auxiliary
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Constitution and By Laws

Patricia Sienkiewicz
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"Follow the Rules to Avoid Extinction "

What is this program, and why do we have it?
The Constitution and Bylaws program informs and educates members of the American Legion Auxiliary on the importance and power of properly written, reviewed and updated documents, policies, and procedures at all levels.

The National American Legion Auxiliary centennial strategic plan requires every Unit to have a properly written, reviewed and updated document to comply with rules that Congress has set for non-profit organizations .

*Properly written: Wording must not conflict with National or Department documents.

*Reviewed: Each year the document needs to be gone over thoroughly to be sure it does not conflict with changes made to National or Department.

*Updated: Changes need to be made to keep up with the necessary changes such as dues cost, meeting days and times, place and any other item that meets the needs of the Unit.

*Approved: Every Constitution and Bylaw change needs to be approved by your Unit and the Department. Notification will be sent to each Unit on approval or corrections needed.
Templates are on the Website for Units - Districts - Divisions. Along with How to write a resolution,. How to write a standing Rule,. Basic Parliamentary Procedures, and the Unit Guide Book.

Please take back to your Unit that this is a MUST if a computer is not available to them I will send them a hard copy.

Have yours been updated in the last 5 years if not remember that major changes have been made on the National and Department levels.
Both National and Department have had a substantial dues increase.

Each Unit MUST keep up with these changes, so they need to be updated this year. Per Capita to Department is now $23.00 for Senior members and $3.35 for Junior members.

My committee and will be more than happy to review each and every document sent in for approval.

Please don't go by the way of the dinosaur and become extinct, get yours approved this year.

Resources from National

Log into the National website to access these items
  • How to wrute a resolution
  • How to write a Standing Rule
  • National Constitution
  • Unit Guide Book

Department Resources