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    American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

Constitution and Bylaws

Chairman Ann Flanagan

“Follow the rules to reach the Gold”

Constitution and Bylaws. I compared the definitions of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (the old) and Wickipedia (the new). Just like we, the members of the American Legion Auxiliary, are different, the definitions are written differently. But both are similar in that they state a constitution and its bylaws gives us established laws or principles by which we are governed. And these laws and principles, our American Legion Auxiliary Constitution and Bylaws, remain structured and established. But, they must be reviewed regularly and updated, to reflect changes in our world and in our organization, its’ programs and activities.

This year, besides reviewing and approving constitution & bylaws for units, districts and divisions, my committee and I want to provide you with some games and projects to use to learn more about our constitution & bylaws, and, hopefully, make it a little more interesting. There are copies of these games and projects for each district and division president attending the Fall Board meeting. Make copies and share with your units. Also, if you want, I can email them to you. Contact me for this. My email address is on the website.

After the National Convention in Reno in August, in the October ALA Today, I will have updated information regarding our constitution and bylaws and, if any, changes needing to be made. Of course, if there are any changes made at the national convention, that means my committee and I will be busy updating the department constitution & bylaws, too!

I urge you all to review the constitution & bylaws for your units, districts and divisions when you get home from our convention. IF you have not updated them and gotten approval this past year, start working on them now. Get ready to include possible updates from department and national, then send them to me. As with all our programs, the constitution and bylaws will be discussed at the Fall Forums by our department officers this year.

Points to remember, put any financial decisions in your standing rules. It’s easier to change these at a meeting with those present voting. Also, your constitution and bylaws cannot conflict with the Department or National Constitution and Bylaws.

There are no awards for this program. But, I urge you all to contact officers/members of units/districts not represented here today and share the importance of updating their constitution & bylaws. There are approximately 480 units, 25 districts and 5 divisions in our Department. PDP Judy and her committee updated many constitution & bylaws last year. Let’s get more updated this year.