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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

ALA Illini Girls State

Director: Sarah Wyckoff

Dean Kelsey:
Let me start off by giving a huge shout out to Director, Sarah and Dean, Kathy for
making ALAIGS 2018 a huge success. This year we had three days of rotations and
they went exceptional smooth. I believe the girls benefit from rotations more than an
assembly setting since they can hear more in the same amount of time and also get up
and move.
The speakers this year were outstanding. Erika Harold, our republican candidate
for attorney general, was definitely the favorite of the week. We were incredibly lucky to
have two state officials, Lt. Governor and Treasurer, with us for our inauguration. We
also had paralympian, Nichole Millage, on Friday afternoon to end our week with an
inspirational message.
We had LOTS of staff changes the week of ALAIGS, but everything went so
smooth. We were blessed with a great staff.
As Dean of Education for this upcoming session I have lots of ideas running
through my mind. I would like to definitely stay at or even increase our female speakers.
I for sure want to get Erika Harold back and continue to grow our Thursday night State
Officials presence. I’m hoping to get a zookeeper or animal themed personnel to come
during a rotation or Friday afternoon speaker to go along with our WILD theme. We
have lots of interest in our speech competition every year, so I'm hoping to get two
rotations of speech to allow more participants. I’m also working on a new county project
idea. I really appreciate all of our counselors, staff advisors and staff members so I’m
working on revamping our bonding and team building activities.
As you can tell, I have so many ideas for this upcoming session and I cannot wait to
implement them.
American Legion Auxiliary Illini Girls’ State has made a huge impact on my life
not only as a stater, but as a staff member. I intend to make this year’s citizens and staff
members experience just as great as mine or even better. I’m looking forward to
working with President, Deb, Director Sarah, IGS Committee members and all of our
wonderful staff. Here’s to a “WILD” week in June 2019.

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