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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

ALA Illini Girls State

Director: Kathy Cisna
Dean: Linda Fagan

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Director Kathy Cisna:

ALA IGS will be weaving patriotism and good citizenship into the hearts of our ALA IGS citizens.

The 81st session of ALA Illini Girls State will be held on the campus of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston from Sunday June 19th to Saturday June 25th, 2022. The staff will arrive on Friday June 17th to prepare for the citizens’ arrival. During this week the citizens will learn about the voting process, elections, campaigning, patriotism and so much more.

I encourage all units to send at least one girl to the 81st session. We have plenty of spaces available, and I would love to see our numbers increase this year. Our numbers were down the last couple of years, and we would love to be able to reach many more girls. If units are not able to send a citizen they are more than welcome to send a donation to the program. We appreciate all of the support from units in continuing this wonderful program. Without your support and contributions, it wouldn’t be possible. At the 2021 session, the Governor and both U.S. Senators were sponsored by Units that he donated funds to send girls. We are able to reach more girls if we have funds available when they don’t have a sponsor. Please continue to reach out if you have a delegate but not funds. We work to connect all interested girls with a sponsor, we do not want to turn anyone away.

The ALA IGS Committee feels it is best to leave the fee at $250 for 2022. However, the last time I reported on the fee, I mentioned that the Insurance Industry is constantly changing. In 2021, since we were virtual we did not need to utilize the insurance. At this point it is still up in the air how much of an increase we will see on insurance rates. Please be prepared for and possible increase in the future. Along with the changing cost of insurance there are also many changes in coverage. One of those changes is that the insurance company very, very strongly discourages us from providing transportation and will not cover our girls while they are on a bus. At this time the committee has not met to vote on this but after 2 years of no transportation it would seem that this should be the year that we discontinue the buses. The committee will be meeting very soon to discuss and vote on this matter. The decision will be in the ALA IGS information in the fall mailing.

Please reach out to your schools as soon as you have the fall mailing. This allows you to get girls before their summer plans fill up. Once you have delegates and are filling out the application, it is very important to fill out the entire application. This includes the middle section with the Unit and District information. If an application comes in without that information, it slows down the process and makes it difficult to assign cities.

I will offer the following awards: $10 to the Unit that submits in writing (can be by email or text or U.S. Mail) by July 13, 2022, to the chairman most former ALA IGS delegates that they sign up as ALA members. $10 to the Unit that submits in writing (can be by email or text or U.S. Mail) by June 19, 2022 to the chairman the largest increase over last year in delegates sent to IGS to be verified with Department records.

The planning for the 81st session of ALA Illini Girls State is underway, and I am excited to work with Assistant Director Sarah Wyckoff, Dean of Education Linda Fagen, and Assistant Dean Sarah Johnson.

Dean: Linda Fagan

The 80th virtual session of ALA IGS was a success given the challenges we were dealt with. Our speakers were well received and I am hoping to have them join us this year at ALA IGS with some additions. I am planning to utilize ROTC from Eastern Illinois University. This has always been a positive and favorite experience with the citizens. We will again have the speech contest, the career fair, and a special project which we will coordinate with Department President Patti's special project. If anyone has any ideas for ALA IGS activities for the week, please let me know and the ALA IGS committee will discuss them. I am looking forward to an in person session and working with Director Kathy, Assistant Director Sarah W. and Assistant Dean Sarah J. Thank you President Patti for asking me to serve again as your ALA IGS Dean of Education.

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