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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

ALA Illini Girls State

Director: Kathy Cisna
Dean: Linda Fagan

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This year the American Legion Auxiliary will be Celebrating our Past 79 Sessions, and our current 80th Session, and the future Leaders of out State and Nation!

The 80th session of ALA Illini Girls State will be held on the Campus of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston from Sunday, June 21st to Saturday, June 27th.  The staff will arrive on Friday, June 19th to prepare for the citizens' arrival. During this week the citizens will learn about the voting process, elections, campaigning, patriotism and so much more.

I encourage all units to send at least one girl to the 80th session.  We have plenty of spaces available, and I would love to see our numbers increase this year.  Our numbers were down last year and we would love to be able to reach many more girls. If units are not able to send a citizen they are more than welcome to send a donation to the program.  We appreciate all of the support from units in continuing this wonderful program.  Without your support and contributions, it wouldn't be possible.  Please continue to reach out if you have a delegate but not funds.  We work to connect all interested girls with a sponsor, e do not want to turn anyone away. 

The fee for the 80th session were discussed at the ALA IGS Committee meeting and the fee will be $ 250. 

The paperwork for selecting your ALA IGS delegates will be in the fall packet.  That way units will have the paperwork early to reach out to schools.  This was a change inplemented recently and seems to work well.  Please let your units know to be on the lookout for the paperwork early.

I will offer the following awards: $ 10 personal award to the unit that submits to me the most former ALA IGS delegates that they sign up as members and $ 10 personal award to the unit that submits to me the largest increase over last year in delegates sent, to be verified with department records.

The planning for the 80th session of ALA Illini Girlds State is underway and I am excited to work with Assistant Director Sarah Wyckoff, Dean of Education Linda Fagan, and Assistant Dean Sarah Johnson

Dean of Education: Linda Fagan
The 2019 79th Session of the American Legion Auxiliary Illini Girls State program was a success with the leadership of Director Sarah, Dean Kelsey, and a wonderful staff of counselors, staff advisors, and volunteer ALA members.  In my years as a staff member for ALA IGS I find being Dean of Education exciting and a bit daunting all at the same time.  However, I know Director Kathy, the other staff members and I will work together to make the 80th Session of ALA IGS another success.

The selection of speakers this past session were outstanding.  They included State Treasurer Mike Ferrichs, Representative Carol Ammons, Judge Braden, States Attorney Dana Rhoades, and our own Department of Illinois Past Commander Cheri Stanton. The favorite for the week was Illinois State Trooper Tracy Lillard, who by the way loves our program and wishes she could have attended.  We hope to bring back some of these speakers and also search out new ones.

This years educational activities included three County rotations, the popular speech contest and ROTC, a County project based on the Disney movie "Frozen", which the girls embraced, and new this year a career fair.  The girls also enjoyed voting/elections, their party conventions, and city activities.  Each year the ALA IGS Committee evaluates and tweaks the program to make it the best ever and I am sure this year will be no different.

I plan to attend the ALA Girls State National Conference in Indianapolis in September.  This is a great conference for networking, sharing of ideas, and a renewed passion for the program.

I intend to make the 80th Session of educational experiences enjoyable and memorable for both the citizens and staff.  I am looking forward to working with President Sue, Director Kathy, the ALA IGS committee, and all our amazing staff.

We have learned from the PAST, will embrace the PRESENT and define the Future. 

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