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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

ALA Illini Girls State

Director Sarah Wyckoff
Dean Kathy Cisna

ALA IGS is only a few months away. Looking for chaperones for the buses on Sunday June 17th and Sat-urday June 23rd for the return trip. We will have a rental car available for getting to and from Chicago and Charleston. Please contact me if interested.    217-273-0158

District and Unit ALA IGS Chairmen, please email or call and let me know the date and location of ALA IGS orientations. IGS citizens are to attend an orientation prior to arrival at the session. We will add the orientation to the list on the website.
Thank You for your continued support of ALA IGS.

“A Week of Golden Memories”

The American Legion Auxiliary Illini Girls State program will once again be held at Eastern Illinois University. We are in the process of finalizing our contract with the University for another 10 year period. The dates of 78th session are June 17th-June 23rd. The staff will report in Friday June 15th to prepare for the citizens arrival. The fee for citizens will remain at $250.00.

We plan to continue many of the beloved traditions that have made the ALA IGS program so successful and we hope to add some changes as well. We will continue to use the paperless system for registration. Units will still fill out the paper application for their delegate and then the delegate will get all required information by email. The system has worked the past two years and I am looking forward to seeing the updates.

We will continue to work on the goals that National sets such as promoting Auxiliary programs, presences on social media, and service to veterans and our communities.

I am looking forward to working with Dean Kathy and the rest of the ALA IGS committee. Dean Kathy, the assistants and I are looking forward to attending the National Girls State Conference in September and I know it will also help give us ideas to make the 78th session special.

I am thrilled with the increase we had in attendance last year and my goal is to see that number increase for the 78th session. So start to make contacts with your local schools and I know with the hard working units, districts and members we can see your attendance numbers to continue to increase.

President Marsha thanks for the appointment to this position and I am looking forward to a great session come June 2018!

Educational Activities will win the Gold at ALA IGS!

Educational activities play an important role at ALA IGS. The Monday morning workshops and whistle stops are always a great success. The 2017 session saw the addition of a speech contest. To facilitate the speech contest 2 additional County Rotations were added. Along with the speech contest each rotation also included activities such as service projects, a media panel, and a presentation by law enforcement officers. The speech contest was a huge hit with the citizens. The talent was also amazing. We will look at tweaking the schedule for the speech contest but it is definitely something we plan to continue.

Favorite speakers for the 2017 Session were State Trooper Len Kirkpatrick, Steve Baskis, State Treasurer, Mike Frerichs, and Associate Judge, Jonathan Braden. I am excited that the evaluations showed the most favorite speaker to be our very own 2016-2017 American Legion State Commander, Cheri Stanton. We will work to get these speakers back and add some new ones.

Our counselors always amaze me with their hard work, energy and enthusiasm. I can’t imagine trying to run this program without them or the volunteer staff made up of ALA members. There is really no way to say Thank You enough to all of them!

I am looking forward to a GREAT 2018 American Legion Auxiliary Illini Girls State Session. I look forward to working with Director Sarah and President Marsha. I plan to attend the National Conference and hope to come back with many new ideas and a
renewed passion for this program.

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