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Angie Mulligan

“Celebrating Our Past and Present in Order to Ensure Our Future”

The 2019 – 2020 Public Relations theme is “Celebrating Our Past and Present in Order to Ensure Our Future.” The goal of the Public Relations Chairmanship is to promote who we are, what we do, and why we matter.

As we begin our next hundred years with the broadened eligibility dates, it is move important every to share our history, successes and the impact that we as members and as an organization have on the lives of our veterans, active military, and their children.

Sharing our ideas and collaborating with those near and far is easier than ever in the Digital Age. Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can reach epic numbers of people across the globe in an instant. National maintains Facebook Groups for just about every program of our organization and various levels of many Departments have active pages for the Legion Family. These pages and groups provide a sounding board for ideas, a wealth of knowledge and learning opportunities, moral support, and a vast cheering section to help celebrate successes large and small. If your unit does not have a Social Media account, consider creating one as

National is offering a Unit award for a New website or Social Media Account Launch that is reported by June 1, 2020. The National PR web page provides great How To Guides to walk you through the process.

Also located on the National web site is a comprehensive Centennial Media Took Kit which provides some great ideas on where and how to start sharing your unit’s story. Share how you are celebrating the ALA’s 100th Anniversary using the #ALA100Celebration and your post just might be shared on National’s Facebook Page or even the National President’s Facebook page. Be sure to include your city and state, or even just Department so people can get a feel of how things are being done in different areas.

Please don’t let the fear of having to constantly create information to share prevent you from considering jumping into social media, a ton of great content is already available, and it is just a matter of passing it through our combined circle of friends. For those on Facebook who are a part of our Department Facebook group, I have been sharing a daily post since September 1, 2018 that cover a wide variety of Auxiliary and Legion related topics. Although my name appears as the person posting or sharing, these amazing posts have been created by Lisa Williamson from the Department of Alaska and shared in National’s American Legion Auxiliary 100th Anniversary Celebration group. We are encouraged to share the information with everyone, but the way the group is structured, it appears that the person sharing is creating the post. I can usually find a few seconds to save and share the post, but would not have the time or patience to create these items on a daily basis.

Department Awards are as follows:

BURN’S REEL STARS PLAQUE – for the best Unit Press Book submitted.

JULIA’S MUSICIANS PLAQUE – for the best District Press Book submitted.

Please take note of the competition rules as we have removed the requirement to include the Report form.
$5.00 First Place for the most outstanding Media Book by Juniors (Class I and II).
Awarded at the Junior Conference.

$3.00 Second Place for the most outstanding Media Book by Juniors (Class I and II).
Awarded at the Junior Conference.

$2.00 Third Place for the most outstanding Media Book by Juniors (Class I and II).
Awarded at the Junior Conference.

Personal Awards:

$5 to the runner up of the Burn’s Reel Stars Plaque.
$5 to the runner up of the Julia’s Musicians Plaque.

For those of you that are on Facebook, please make sure to Like and Follow our Departments new Page: American Legion Auxiliary Department of Illinois. The creation of this allows us 2 important benefits: 1) with consistency across our Department Legion Family, information can be shared with all groups seamlessly and efficiently. Chad Woodburn and I were discussing how he can now share Live video from the Legacy Ride with everyone at the same time. And 2) the use of a Page to share information will allow me to add our Facebook feed into our Department website for those individuals who might not be on Facebook.

If you have information to share, but need assistance, remember I am just an email away and happy to help.

Resources from National

Log into the National website to access these items
  • How to write a News Release
  • How to Develop a Website
  • ALA Branding Guide
  • Public Relations Tool Kit

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