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American Legion Auxiliary
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Patricia Buhle

“HUG A HERO IN SONG” will be our goal this year. We are delighted to be your music chairs and we want to make sure you include music in all parts of your meetings—as preludes, during refreshments, through skits, individual performances and sing-a-longs. Music is not a throw-away to shorten your meetings—it should be a welcome spot of fun, humor and warmth amidst the business. We don’t care if you sing acappella or with a CD, play a kazoo or harmonica or dance to the music—we just want to know what you’re doing with music and so we say to you: SHOW US YOUR SONG SHEETS!

Our Department Awards for Juniors will be awarded at Junior Conference on the following basis:
$5.00 - First Place for Best Patriotic or Department President’s Theme Parody ages 1-12 and $3.00 for Second Place

$5.00 – First Place for Best Patriotic or Department President’s Theme Parody ages 13-17 and $3.00 for Second Place

Our Department Award for Seniors will again be “Mary’s Fleurettes Plaque” going to the DISTRICT Chairman for the Best Overall Participation in the Music Program per their narrative report.

Our Personal Awards for Seniors will be:
$10.00 for the Senior submitting BEST PARODY based on Department President’s Name or Theme
$10.00 to the UNIT Submitting the Best Unit Narrative on their Unit’s Music Program.
$10.00 to the DIVISION submitting the Best Division Narrative Report on their Division Music Program.

$5.00 for Best Song Sheets to the UNIT submitting copies of their song sheets and play lists used at your Unit meetings and ditto on that for the Best District Song Sheets and the Best Division Song Sheets as well.

We hope we’ll be able to give you a year where you can dance to the soundtrack of this Department—we have some interesting things planned ahead. Tonight we are giving you this year’s Department song parodies so you can share them with your Districts and Units—and you will be up to speed by Patriotic if you start now….

“Duckie Janet” is the refrain from Sesame Street’s “Rubber Duckie” –and you all know about Genoa’s Rubber Ducky race!

“The Bear Went Over the Mountain” is the kid’s version of “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow.” The Auxiliary Song is to the refrain from the Colonel Bogey March…also known as the theme from “Bridge on the River Kwai” or Hayley Mills walk of shame accompaniment in the original “Parent Trap.” If you did camp, you may remember the tune as “The Comet/Vomit Song” but it is short, snappy and great to clap and march to! The last is “Sweet Janet B” which is our take on “Sweet Caroline.” We offer them for your pleasure.