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American Legion Auxiliary
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Chairman Linda Kilmer

Our Leadership and Knowledge should produce Gold for our Veterans”

Leaders make the greatest impact when they lead. I appreciate the leaders that are working at this time conducting leadership classes. I know there are more classes scheduled. Leaders should remem-ber they make positive differences for those that are able to attend classes.  

Sometimes along the way you may get discouraged or disappointed; but the important thing is to start again and continue on this journey that we are all living each day. We want to be positive and encour-age people along our way, as we know there are plenty of things in the world that would like to keep folks down.

The stronger our members are, the better equipped they will feel when they are talking to potential new members or encouraging renewals-leadership classes will give confidence.

If you have not had a Leadership Class, please contact me and I will help you find a class or schedule a class.

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