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Pam Corbin

My theme is: “Our Leaders of Today Will Celebrate Our Past Leaders and Awaken Our Future Leaders.”

The American Legion Programs Action Plan tells us ”The Leadership Program raises awareness of ALA leader-ship development opportunities. “

National Leadership Chairman, Diana Sirovina provided some Special 100th Anniversary Program Facts that I thought were interesting:
It wasn’t until the mid-1960’s that the Auxiliary considered having a formal leadership committee. In 1964, the Finance Committee approved funding for the first Leadership School. And the same year the Leadership Development Conference was held at the national headquarters in July, conducted by three Indiana Univer-sity professors from the graduate school of business. This project underwent a new phase for the 1966-67 administrative year when a Leadership Training Course Director was named a series of courses to train De-partment leaders was instituted. Shortly after, Leadership became a national committee, with a chairman and vice chairman. Leadership training and classes have taken on many forms over the years, including our current Mission Training. Diana stated “As we Celebrate our Auxiliary Centennial, we hope more members will become interested in taking leadership roles so we can continue our legacy of service into our next hundred years.”

 I recently came across a quote that I think we should all remember: “Leadership is not about being the best, Leadership is about making everyone else better.”

 Continue to Mentor and share a story about a positive impact you or someone else has had on our mis-sion that is worth doing!

 President Sue and I have discussed some changes to the Leadership Course at Department Convention in 2020. I will keep you updated as our plans are finalized. Always keep an open mind.

Personal Awards:
$ 10 to the Unit graduating the most Seniors from a Leadership Class.

$ 10 to the Unit graduating the most Juniors from a Leadership Class.

$ 10 to one Unit, one District and one Division having the most Legion and Sons of the American Legion attending a leadership class.

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