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American Legion Auxiliary
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Patricia Kowalski

Our Zoo animals are moving through the state to spread our mission for Family Leadership.

Leadership Chairmen, this is what we are looking for this year: show enthusiasm, work together, listen to new ideas, and show how to settle situations in a kind manner not taking sides.

Leadership is important in many ways. Become a mentor. Show new members the ropes so they know what to do when they want to step up to the plate. Do the same with chairmanships. Give them the chance and be surprised to see what they can do.

I know it’s hard to stop criticizing, but let’s try!!! We need to show good behavior, positive attitude, and work together in our meeting and outside of the organization. This may stop the membership drop and may bring in new members.

Let’s try to do the following:

Be positive at your leadership class.

Encourage all members to feel comfortable at a meaning.

Let’s make it fun by preparing small skits on membership,
chairmanships, and what an officer should do.

Go over midyear and year end reports.

Invite the Legion and SAL to your classes. (You will be surprised what we all can learn)

Make sure to have handouts.

Invite speakers to speak on variety of topics.

Have the Junior members take the Leadership Course.

Have the Seniors take the ALA Academy Course.

Personal Awards

1) $10.00 To a Unit, District, Division having the Legion, Sons of the American Legion attending a leadership class.
2) $10.00 To the Unit graduating the most Seniors from a Leadership Class.
3) $10.00 To the Unit graduating the most Juniors from a Leadership Class.
4) $10.00 To the Unit with the best Narrative

Resources from National

Log into the National website to access these items
  • Junior and Senior Leadership Course
  • How to be a good Leader
  • Officers Duties and Responsibilities
  • ALA Protocol Presentation and Quiz
  • How to Live a Culture of Goodwill