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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

Junior Activities

Chairman Marcia Stalter
815-689-2632 (c) 815-848-4592

The Juniors being Trainees this year have the theme: "Ready- Set- Gold!"
The Junior Activities Program inspires active participation in members age 17 and under so that they will become engaging, productive members who will want to continue their American Legion Auxiliary membership into adulthood.

The four areas of emphasis of the Junior Program are:

I) Increase Junior membership in all Units. Encourage members to sign up their eligible daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters. Work with members of your Legion Post to sign up their eligible daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters. Include information on
Junior membership and activities in monthly newsletters and in renewal notices.

2) Engage Juniors in programs of the American Legion Auxiliary. Bring Juniors to your Unit meetings. Mentor a Junior in your Unit. Make Junior members honorary committee members and pair them with a Senior Unit Chairman for mentoring.

3) Make Junior meetings fun and informative. Have Juniors help plan and lead meetings. Plan activities that are fun, yet teach about the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary. Crafts are a good activity for Juniors. They can make crafts or cards for veterans in local VA facilities.

4) Promote and encourage Junior participation in the Patch Program. Provide opportunities for Juniors to work on requirements for patches at functions. Encourage the use of electronic patches on Juniors' social media sites. Give Junior members the opportunity to work on requirements for patches at Unit functions.

Again, this year the Department will have the Roses for Remembrance Shining Star Plaque for the Unit with the best overall participation in the Junior Activities Program. In an effort to gain more participation and reporting, two personal awards will be presented:

-to the Unit bringing the most Junior members to Department Junior Conference.

-to the Unit reporting the most service projects and/or gifts to the veterans in VA facilities.

If you are a Department chairman and your program has Junior contests, please send to me by October 1'1 this information so I may include the contests and rules in the December packet. Please make your rules very clear with emphasis on following the rules so disqualification will not be necessary.

The 64"' Annual Department Junior Conference will be held April 14 & 15, 2018 at the Chateau in Bloomington. Honorary Department Junior President Alexa Lewis will preside over this Conference. Please read your bulletins as well as our Department website for information on the Conference. Rules

for all the contests will be in the December packet, and Conference information will be in the
January/February packet. This information will be on the Department website as well.

I wish I could say that money is not needed for the Department Junior Conference, but that is not the case. Donations to the Department Junior Conference Fund are needed and would be greatly appreciated.
These donations will go to make the 64th Annual Department Junior Conference a memorable experience
for our Juniors. It is our responsibility to keep our Juniors interested in the Auxiliary so they will remain with us as Senior members. Please be generous and return the snip sheet that will be in your Department packet when you receive it.