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Tina Abdelnour

The theme for this year is Celebrate Our Past and Awaken Our Future. My theme is Debutants stepping into the limelight to honor their Veterans. Our Juniors, also known for this year as our Debutants will be, with our help, growing and moving forward into the future along with learning and celebrating the past. I am encouraging all Units, District and Divisions that have Junior groups to embrace this theme. Do activities that will teach and help our Debutants to understand the importance of knowing our past and looking forward to all the possibilities of the future.

On April 18 & 19, 2020 at the Holiday Inn in Champaign the Juniors will be holding their 66th Junior Conference. Being that this is the Auxiliary 100th Birthday I thought it was only fitting that our theme for the Junior Conference be a Birthday Party. Yes, that does means there will be cake, ice cream, balloons, talent show (not a contest), games and music. It will be a time to celebrate our 100th year of the Auxiliary and all that we have accomplished. I am giving every District a challenge. I am challenging every District to bring at least 5 juniors to the Convention. If every District does this, we would have over 100 Juniors at the Conference to help Celebrate the 100th Year of the Auxiliary. I truly believe that this goal is possible goal. The theme for the Birthday party and talent show is the 50’s and 60’s era. So when deciding on a routine please pick something from those eras. I will also be asking everyone to dress up in clothing from the 50’s or 60’s. Encourage your Juniors to enter. Groups are encouraged to help promote working together and in case you were wondering, of course all Senior members can join in and perform with the Juniors. I am sure President Sue would love seeing this. With your help I know we can make this a Junior Conference that the girls will not forget and want to come back to.

During this year please encourage your Juniors to work on their Junior patch programs. If you have not looked at the Patch Program, please do, it has great ideas on projects you can do with your Juniors. Juniors are our future. We need to start encouraging them to get involved now so that when they become Seniors it will be second nature for them to stay involved.

Now, for us to have a great Junior Convention, we need to be able to keep the cost of the convention down. This will help more Juniors to be able to attend. In order to do this we must have the funds. I would like to ask the board for permission to hold a fundraiser at the 2020 Patriotic Conference. I would like to ask everyone to consider donating items for the raffle at the Patriotic Conference. To all the Units, District and Divisions that have a Juniors group, I encourage you to find ways to help your Juniors to raise money towards the Junior Conference. This may help some of the girls who don’t normally have the money to come a chance to come. If you check around you may find that you have a lot more Juniors that want to attend but just do not have the money.

Department Chairman that have Junior Contests, please mail or email me your Contest rules by October 1st so that I can include them in my program.

This year at the 2020 Department Convention I will be giving out some awards. They will be announced at a later time.

I know that with everyone’s help this will be a wonderful year for our Debutants as they step forward into their future. Remember they are our future for this organization. If we don’t make this a good experience for them now, the chances are that their future won’t be a part of our organization.

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