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Sharon Conatser

At the upcoming Patriotic Conference we will once again be holding the Basket Raffle. We are counting on Department Officers and Chairmen to donate the baskets at this meeting.

It is a fun and easy way to raise funds and is always interesting to see what types of baskets are donated. If you go online and enter "fundraising baskets" or "themed baskets" you can get some unique ideas.

Please make a list of the contents of the basket and attach to the outside.

Please bring your baskets to the office when you arrive. These baskets will be on display Friday morning and the winners will be announced after the luncheon.

This is always a fun event to see who will spend how much for one or more baskets.

Thank you Ladies!
The Finance Committee

In the mail you have received your tickets for The American Legion Family Sweepstakes. The drawing for the winners of up to $10,000 will be February 12, 2019 at the Lincoln Pilgrimage. Please don't forget to send in your ticket stubs

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