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We will once again hold our Basket Auction/Raffle at Patriotic Conference asking our Officers and Chairmen to consider donating a basket. We will hold a Basket Auction/Raffle at Convention asking our District and Division Presidents to consider donating a basket. We hope to have our Crazy Numbers Game on Friday afternoon at Department Convention. We will once again join with the American Legion Family in their Sweepstakes Raffle. Senior members will receive tickets in late December or early January. A drawing will be held at the Lincoln Pilgrimage in February, you might be the winner of $10,000.00. After the drawing all tickets will be destroyed. A second Sweepstake mailing will be done in May with the drawing held at our Department Convention in July. $25,000.00 in cash prizes will be awarded at each drawing.

We will not survive as a viable operating Department without the support of our Auxiliary members for our various fund raising projects. You have been wonderful in the past I hope we can count on you to help make this another successful financial year for our Auxiliary.

I would like to recognize the other Starters on this committee: Gailwyn Starr, Doris Kilkenny, Kathy Cisna and Judy Zimmerman.

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