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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois


Chairman Teri Miller

“Winning the GOLD by Providing Educational Opportunities”

The purpose of the Education Program is to promote the American Legion Auxiliary’s role in providing quality education for children and adults through classroom activities, literacy programs, scholarship promotion and support of education beyond high school, especially for military families.

What Can We Do?
1. Enhance respect for the sacrifices of our military heroes among school children by scheduling Veterans Schools program at local schools.
• Collaborate with an American Legion post to present Veterans in Schools within your Community.
• Promote your Veterans in School event through local media and on your own social media accounts.

2. Promote American Legion Auxiliary scholarships, and award local scholarships on both the Unit and Department levels.
• Inform the schools in your community about national, department and unit American Legion Auxiliary scholarship opportunities available, use the matrix it’s a great tool.
• Make sure the scholarship applications are provided to local schools.
• Make a donation to the Department American Legion Auxiliary Education scholarship fund.
• Publicize the winners of Auxiliary scholarships.

3. Support Give 10 to Education, American Education week and Teachers Appreciation Week.
• Participate in the “Give 10 to Education” by collecting donations or purchasing items to distribute to schools in multiples of 10.
• Printable “Give 10 to Education” participation certificates will be available on the Department website for Units.
• Participate in American Education Week November 13-17, 2017; remember to recognize all school personnel, not just teachers.
• Promote Teacher Appreciation Week May 6-12, 2018.
• Thank you cards for both American Education Week and Teachers Appreciation week will be on our website for Units to print and distribute.

4. Assist and support veterans pursuing higher education.
• Collaborate with a Student Veterans of America Chapter or other campus student veterans group at colleges and universities in your area.
• Promote the National American Legion Auxiliary Non-traditional Student Scholarship and the Department Mildred R. Knoles Scholarship.
• Arrange for a Post Home to be available for off-campus events/chapter meetings.

5. Assist and support military children with educational opportunities.
• Promote the Children of Warriors National Presidents’ Scholarship

We will be collecting statistics/data on:

• Give 10 to Education
• Veterans in Schools
• American Education Week / Teacher Appreciation Week Number of cards sent
• Student Veterans of America Groups
• Scholarships - number of applications received from students for National Scholarships

National Scholarships available: applications available on the website
• Children of Warriors National President’s Scholarship – is awarded to children of Veterans who served in the Armed Forces during the eligibility dates for The American Legion. Illinois had a winner this past year.
• Spirit of Youth Scholarship for Junior Members
• Non-Traditional Student Scholarship
• James H. Parke Memorial Scholarship – encourage volunteens (junior members or not) to pursue this scholarship with local VA personnel

Illinois Scholarships include: applications will be in the October mailing and available from the Unit President
• Illinois Scholarship for Junior Members – for Junior members who shall be/shall have been Junior members for the past 3 years and currently holds a 2018 membership card.
• Ada Mucklestone Memorial Scholarship – for students graduating from high school. *

• Mildred R. Knoles Scholarship –for students continuing their college education, sophomore through senior year. We also award this scholarship for those doing graduate work. *

*Note – for the Ada Mucklestone and the Mildred R. Knoles Scholarship the eligibility includes through present day service. As the cessation (Persian Gulf) has not ended.

Students who have received an Education Scholarship in the past may again apply for the Mildred R. Knoles scholarship for their Sophomore, Junior and Senior years in college or graduate work. This application should not be given to high school counselors!

District Presidents please remind your Units that they need to read the rules carefully. The Education Committee does not want to disqualify anyone this year because of carelessness. Please make sure the Unit page has been completed!

• Illinois scholarships remain at $1,000 each, and we will award as many scholarships as “funds permit.”
• We will continue to use the Education Matrix that outlines all of the National and Department Scholarships that are available in one document. This matrix will be included in the October mailing and available at the Fall Forums.

Each Unit may submit the following:
• One application for only ONE of the Illinois scholarships: Ada Mucklestone OR Illinois Scholarship for Junior Members OR the Mildred R. Knoles Department scholarship. If you have additional applicants please contact another Unit to see if they could sponsor.
• One application for each of the following National Scholarships: Children of Warriors National President’s, Non-Traditional Student and the Spirit of Youth for Junior members.

Please remember that the above mentioned scholarships are NOT for careers in Nursing.

• The Past Presidents Parley Nurses Scholarship and the Children and Youth Scholarship each fall under their respective programs, please watch the mailings for more information.

Units are required to make a minimum contribution of $5.00 to the Education Fund by March 15, 2018. Ask your Units, Counties, Districts, and Divisions to make initial contributions now and then consider fund raisers for additional contributions later. Memorial gifts may also be designated for the Department Education Fund.

All contest rules and applications for the Department Scholarships will be in the Special October mailing – PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY!

Department Awards:
• Ruby’s Canteen Dancers Plaque – to the Unit for the best overall participation in the Education program – judged from the Unit report form.

Personal Awards:
• $10.00 runner-up to the Ruby’s Canteen Dancers Plaque
• Certificate of Appreciation- to all Units contributing a full scholarship including memorials.

The Education committee of Pat Kranzow, Julia Moore and I are looking forward to “Winning GOLD by Providing Educational Opportunities” with NO disqualifications and awarding as many scholarships as possible.

National Scholarship