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“Serving Up Educational Opportunities to Protect our Future”
Teri Miller

Education Special Announcements

Children of Warriors Scholarships
Children of Warriors National President Scholarship Amounts Have Changed
Under the direction of ALA National President Mary Davis, the scholarship amounts have increased. Previously the awards were one in the amount of $3,500; one in the amount of $3,000; and one in the amount of $2,500 for each division.
Fifteen (15) scholarships will be awarded in 2017 – three in each division of the American Legion Auxiliary. Each of those 15 scholarships will be awarded $5,000 each. (This is an increase from $9,000 per division to $15,000 per division or a total increase of $30,000. Wow! This is proof that the American Legion Auxiliary believes in our future – our young people!

Special Request from the National Education Chairman
I have been asked to pass this information from National President Mary Davis and National Education Norma Tramm. They are requesting Units to take pictures and write up their Education story now as it happens! Then submit to your Department Education Chairman Teri Miller, I will then forward to National. Write it up as it happens, less likely to forget any of the details also; it’s a good way to share ideas. With American Education Week just last month and back to school with the Give Ten to Education, now is the perfect time to report what your Unit is doing to promote Education to our youth!
Teri Miller, Education Chairman

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