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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

Auxiliary Emergency Fund

Chairman Susan Heinz-Wojcik

"Going for the finish line for funds for Auxiliary Emergency Funds”

A. Temporary assistance to eligible members during a time of financial crisis when no other source of aid is readily available to pay for shelter, food and utilities. For food and shelter related to weather-related emergencies and natural disasters. For educational training for eligible members who lack the necessary skills for employment or to upgrade competitive workforce skills.

B. Assistance will not be granted to pay accumulated debts. The intent is to help members who have suffered a financial setback and is meant to be a bridge offering a helping hand until financial stability is reestablished. Incomplete applications and missing documentation will significantly slow processing the case file.

C. Eligibility: Persons who have been members of the American Legion Auxiliary for at least the immediate past two consecutive years AND whose current membership dues are paid at the time the emergency occurs (three consecutive years' dues) may apply for assistance.

D. Assistance Provided: The maximum grant amount is $2,400, disbursed as the Auxiliary Emergency Fund Grant Committee determines.

Applications are available from our Department Secretary. The application must be completed and signed by the applicant, the Unit President and the Unit Secretary. It must be returned to our Department Secretary who must verify membership of the applicant and then she will mail it to

Departmental Award:
Ann’s Reporters Plaque- to the District with the highest contribution to the AEF.

My personal awards are:
$10.00 to the Unit making the largest contribution to AEF
$10.00 to the Division making the largest contribution to AEF.

Our Division Chairmen are
First Division - Margie Dubois
Second Division – Judy Shippee
Third Division – Jeanne Brandt
Fourth Division – Jane Wagner
Fifth Division – Freda Broadway

Let’s go the finish line and raise a lot of funds this year to help our Auxiliary members.