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LaVera Davis

Update from National Headquaters:

We wanted to inform you of a new policy that was passed by the National Executive Committee on February 27th, 2021, regarding the Auxiliary Emergency Fund (AEF). Here are the changes that have been implemented and how they will affect the ALA departments and units:

NHQ will send quarterly reports to department secretaries and presidents on the number of grants awarded.
Units and departments will no longer be required to sign or approve AEF applications prior to ALA National Headquarters receiving them.


First and foremost, to those who lost family members during this pandemic, I feel your pain. My husband lost his only brother who was a veteran. Get well wishes are sent to those still suffering whether it be Covid-19 or any other illness. 

With Covid-19, fires, acts of nature and personal crisis, we sometime come up a little short. Thank you to those ladies, National President Marcella Davidson who had the fund as her Special Project and Helen Colby Small who initially funded it back in 1969, The Auxiliary Emergency Fund is still around to help members get through tough times.

Members with current dues paid and the previous two years are eligible to apply for a grant up to $2,400.00. Your information remains confidential and the grant fund committee at National awards the grant based on criterial set; one being that all other means have been exhausted. We did have one member to receive a grant this past Auxiliary year. We thank the National Committee for allowing our funds to help many members as I am sure there were many applications.

We have to keep in mind that we are a family so I am urging you to donate. You may have a unique way to fundraise. If so, please share it. We have passed the hat at our Department, District and Division meetings and Units have generously donated. Thank you and because of your donations, Illinois donated a total of $9, 666.60 to the fund. Marrs-Meyer Unit 991 in the Eight District had the highest contribution by June 1st of $750.00 with $500.00 being earmarked for Covid-19, the Eight District received the Ann’s Reporters Plaque for their contribution of $1,125.00 and Second Division $147.50. Donna Skoumal and Sandy Nys donated $50.00 and will soon receive a certificate and pin for their personal donation.

District and Division Chairmen will receive a packet by October mailed by me containing all information including the applications and instructions on how to complete them, and the Plan of Work from National which includes a label to be placed on a water bottle as the suggested way to fundraise by saving coins. I suggest you have a silent auction at your meetings by donating items you may have received that you could not use. You can also place a bottle or can in your Post for collecting donations. You can also make a memorial donation for a loved one.

Mid-year Reports reflecting the work of the Units will be due to National by January 5, 2021 so please share so I may share with National. Two Year Reports will be due May 15, 2021 to National.

National Awards will be as follows:
Department Award: Largest Contribution with deadline being June 1, 2021.
Unit Award: The Unit Contributing the largest amount (per capital) with deadline being June 1, 2021.
Department Award: Department Contributing the largest amount (per capital) by June 1, 2021.

Departments Awards will be as follows:
Ann’s Reporters Plaque to the District with the Highest Contribution to the Auxiliary Emergency Fund by June 1, 2021.

Personal Awards will be as follows:
$10.00 to the Unit with the Highest Contribution by June 1, 2021.
$10.00 to the Division with the Highest Contribution by June 2, 2021.

Those Units wishing to submit a narrative report for a national award must include the cover sheet.

All members are asked to support fundraisers. Chairman are asked to distribute all information to members and have information available at meetings.
Contact information can be found at for Department and for National.

Other resources can be found on the Auxiliary Emergency Fund Brochure that can be found on the national website and on the copy to be mailed to the Chairman.

LaVera Davis, Department

Resources from National

Log into the National website to access these items
  • Auxiliary Emergency Fund Application
  • Expeditated Auxiliary Emergency Fund Application
  • Certificate of Appreciation

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