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Auxiliary Emergency Fund

Chairman Susan Heinz-Wojcik

"Going for the finish line for funds for Auxiliary Emergency Funds”

The Auxiliary Emergency Fund (AEF) is a national grant assistance program that provides temporary emergency help to eligible members of the American Legion Auxiliary who have suffered a significant financial setback as the result of an act of nature or other personal crisis. The AEF was established in 1969 with a bequest from the estate of Auxiliary member Helen Colby Small of Burlington, Wisconsin. It continues today solely through generous donations from Auxiliary members.

Funds are really needed with all the Disasters from Harvey, Irma Hurricanes and our Auxiliary Members that are going thru hard times.

With the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, an electronic AEF disaster application is now available online at the ALA national website through the Members Only section. A qualifying Auxiliary member can complete the application online and submit it electronically from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The application has been en-crypted to protect an applicant’s personal information.

A member who hasn’t already done so will need to create her free log-in, which only takes a few seconds. Also a printable version of the AEF disaster application is attached and also available on the national website. We know that there are many obsolete versions of the AEF application “out there”, so please make sure you have the correct form electronically. Remember, to be eligi-ble a member must be in good standing with a total of three consecutive years of membership.

The regular application for Auxiliary Emergency Funds is available from our Department Secretary or on the Department website under Auxiliary Emergency Fund. The application must be completed and signed by the applicant, the Unit President and the Unit Secretary. It must be returned to our Department Secretary who must verify membership and then she will mail to National. Remember, to be eligible a member must be in good standing with a total of three consecutive years of membership.

To help “Going for the finish line for funds for Auxiliary Emergency Funds” I will be doing a special project this year sending an Auxiliary Emergency donation can to each District President to help collect money for Auxiliary Emergency Funds. When sending funds to Department please note that funds came from the donation can.
Departmental Award: Ann’s Reporters Plaque- to the District with the highest contribution to the AEF.

My personal awards are: $10.00 to the Unit making the largest contribution to AEF and
$10.00 to the Division making the largest contribution to AEF.

National Awards and Recognitions are as follows:
• Citation (Plaque) Recognition - Given to one Unit and one Department contributing the largest donations to the Auxiliary Emergency Fund.

• Citation and Lapel Pin Recognition - Presented to any individual contributor donating $50 or more. The citation form is availa-ble at Citations may be printed by the Unit or Department.

• Certificate and Recognition at National Convention - One Department from each Division contributing the largest amount will receive a certificate and special recognition at National Convention. (This excludes the Department that contributes the largest donations overall as they will receive a Citation Plaque; see # 1). Donations must be certified by your Department Secretary and mailed to the respective Divisional Chairman by June 1,2018


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  • Auxiliary Emergency Fund Application
  • Expeditated Auxiliary Emergency Fund Application
  • Auxiliary Emergency Fund Certificate of Appreciation

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