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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

Auxiliary Emergency Fund

"Calling All Members! Calling All Members! To report in as the Emergency Response Team in making donations for AEF"
Chairman: Chris Zartuche

When a member finds themselves in time of sudden financial crisis this program is to grant temporary emergency assistance. The Auxiliary promotes awareness of the fund, disseminates information about the application process and solicits donations from units, and individuals. There is nothing more rewarding when you see the results of helping members in time of their crisis. Keep in mind, that disaster can strike anyone, anytime and anywhere. So, I encourage all members to continue informing and supporting this great program. Generosity has made a difference in the lives of many deserving members and the Legion family should be proud.

It’s time to start the fundraising, contact the Units, Districts and reach out to local businesses and your communities for assistance. AEF fundraising ideas are Buy A Meal, Eat for a Cause, Talent Shows, and Otterbox. Share your fundraising ideas with other Units through newletters, bulletins and stories reported at your meetings. When distributing the brochures, inform members that any donation of $50 or more will receive a pin. AEF Donation pin order forms are available at www. ALAfor or contact National. I will be in contact with the Unit, District, and Division AEF chairman before the Holidays to compile a Mid-Year Report that is due to National by January 1st, 2017. Again, there is a Year-End Report that is due to National by May 1st, 2017. Therefore, I will be in contact with the Units, Districts and Division Chairmen for their input.

AEF brochures are available at Department. Also, refer to the Illinois Auxiliary website for the list of National and Department awards. For your convenience there is additional information available on the National website. Please do not hesitate to give me a call if you need further assistance.


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