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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois


"Capturing Our Daily Logs to Preserve and Protect our History"
Sue Cunniff Coughlin

Our theme for History this year will be –  “Capturing Our Daily Logs to Preserve and Protect our History” 

In the police stations, it is very important to maintain police blotters and arrest records. In the Auxiliary, it is very important to record all the events and highlights of our year. It serves as a log to preserve and protect the memories we have and allows us to share our accomplishments with others in the coming years.

If you have a visit with President Luella or something you would like captured in our Department history, please send me some notes. Email, paper or even a phone call will work.

Unit Histories will be due to the Districts by June 5th. The District winners and the District History need to be submitted to me by June 12th. Also, the Division Histories need to be submitted to me by June 12th.

The National Programs Action Plan for Historians will not be available until after Convention. When the information is available, I will have it posted to our website.

The following Awards will be presented:
1. Pro Bowlers Plaque - Best Unit History
2. Ramona's Indians Plaque - Best District History
3. Basketball Shooters Plaque - Best Division History
4. Rae Shaw's Plaque - Best Junior History - Class I
5. Irene Lofton's Eaglettes Plaque - Best Junior History - Class II
6. Dot's Apple Dumplings - Best District Junior History

Personal Awards
1. $10 Runner Up to the Pro Bowler Plaque
2. $10 Runner Up to Ramona's Indians Plaque
3. $10 Runner Up to the Basketball Shooters Plaque

Histories can be fun to write. Let’s get those historians writing! It will be great to read about all the events and activities that occurred throughout this year.

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