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*********** CORRECTION : All Histories are due June 12th (not July) ************

I do see us making “beautiful history” together. Learning from our past and showing the next generations how it’s done. That’s how important it is for us to keep up the good work writing our histories. Please email, write, or call asap to let me know how your year is going.

The National History Committee is collecting artifacts for histories besides photos and written accounts. This is Cavalcade of Memories and History Committee rolled into one.

Our Department is looking for the ALA history book from 1934-44 if anyone has a copy. We’re celebrating 100 years and ensuring we have our histories in order at this point in time.

Remember to ask the Veterans you meet to participate in the Veterans History project. Don’t delay in asking your long time members to tell their stories and then write them down. No regrets.

Reading our histories has taught me more than I had ever heard about before. It gives me great ideas for our beautiful future together... starting our next 100 years with a bang!

The theme for your History’s this year is “Celebrating our Past and Writing our Beautiful History Together” For 100 years women just like us have written a history from what they’ve done for their Military, Veterans, they’re families and our communities. It’s our turn to do the same. Setting up our systems today, will ensure we remember what we’ve done.

Get out your calendars and write or text, at least weekly, what you and your Auxiliary sisters have accomplished. Encourage your Chairman to write the report with the details each month. Or ask them questions so you can ensure the details are not lost, as time marches on and memories fade. If nothing else, forward your Units minutes to me for a birds eye view of what’s been done.

Be sure to promote and participate in the Veterans History Project. Don’t miss your opportunity to interview a Veteran you know. Details can be found online or at your local library. Have a Junior help you. There’s a history patch being offered to them. I look forward to working with the Department Junior Historian so we can get their information accumulated to write their history also.

Does anyone know any famous Auxiliary members? Maybe you know a member who has been a performer, artist, writer, politician, or on television. Is it possible that you know a member who has started an organization that relates to our mission? That makes them famous in our eyes. Lets capture their story and ensure their contributions are being recorded.

Another project is ‘Members Remember’. Like the Veterans History Project you interview long time Auxiliary members. Ask them questions about activities that they remember being a part of in the ALA. They are a wealth of information for our long term histories.
For more details about all of these projects and more, see the National Plan of Action.

As you are writing this year’s history, you are eligible for these Department Awards:
1. Best Unit History- Pro-Bowlers Plaque
2. Best District History - Ramona’s Indians Plaque
3. Best Division History - Basketball Shooters Plaque
4. Best Junior History - Irene Lofton’s Eaglette’s Plaque
5. Best District Junior History - Dot’s Apple Dumpling Gang

and my Personal Awards are $10 each to the runners up for:
1. Pro Bowlers Plaque
2. Ramona’s Indian Plaque and a certificate
3. Basketball Shooters Plaque and a certificate
4. Any Senior electronic history submission will receive a citation
Contact me anytime but please remember, all the Chairman have to turn in a midyear report, so contact us with what you’ve been doing up to and around Thanksgiving and this will ensure ‘we can make beautiful history together’.

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