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What is Community Service?

First we must ask ourselves what is a Community?

Just as a church is a group of organized believers, a community is the people living in a certain place. We are our communities! So in the words of John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your community can do for you ---- Ask what you can do to aid your community”!

Every Community is different, but they have some form of structure (a mayor, town board or council) to give them guidance. Send a member of your American Legion Auxiliary Unit to meet with them to learn of their plans for the coming year, then volunteer to
help wherever needed.

There will be many ways Unit members will be able to assist and you are a part of the Community.

Suggestions may be ;
1.) Assisting a Senior Citizen with chores they are unable to do.
2.) Picking up trash in your parks or roadsides and perhaps painting play ground equipment to make them more inviting to the children.
3.) Plant and tend flowers to beautify the Community.
4.) Assist with Food Pantries.
5.) Support local Fire and Police Departments.
6.) Hold special events such as a Fun Day for children or a get together for Senior Citizens.

There is always something your Unit can do and what bettter way to promote the American Legion Auxilary than to become an active part of the Community!
If we want and need the Community support for our programs. Then we must provide the same support to our Community. While and when we are working togther, don’t forget to always recognize the efforts of our veterans and those still serving our country in military services.

Encourage flag flying, hold Memorial services, and
always be proud of your organization by wearing clothing, a hat or pins that promote The American Legion Auxiliary.

Let’s celebrate our 100 years by giving service to our veterans, the military and our Communities !

The awards for this year for Community Service:
Department plaques:
** PAT’S SOLE SISTERS PLAQUE – to the Unit for the best overall participation in the
Community Service Program. (Judged from all award application forms received).
** SR. VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD-to the senior member who volunteers the most in service to their community.
** JR VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD-to the junior member who volunteers the most in Service to their community.

Personal Awards:
$10 to the runner up to the Pat’s Sole Sisters Plaque.

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