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American Legion Auxiliary
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Mary Collado
Susan Heinz-Wojcik

The welcoming committee had an enjoyable time traveling to all of our Fall Forums. We would like to thank everyone who came out and brought membership. It was great that we even had Junior members join us. At our Second Division Fall Forum, two of our Junior members, aka Debutants, joined us as we sang “Happy Birthday” to the ALA. We made it a practice to sing “Happy Birthday” to the ALA at every Forum after that. Our Chaperones and Hostesses setup the party and our Party Goers answered the invitation. It was also great to see all of the first time attendees at the Forums as well. While we were at a Forum in the First Division, there was a woman who entered the building asking to join the ALA. We even had a guest of a member join the ALA while we were at a Forum.

Our Goose Eggs this year will be different; nothing you have to wear and your PUFLs count! Through the months of September through July, any District or Division with no goose egg Units on the first membership report of the month will receive an entry into a drawing. At this time, we have a few Districts that have no goose eggs.

We are also happy to report that we already have five Units that have reached goal. Great job! With the con-tinued hard work from all of us on membership, we are hoping to have many Units reaching goal or going beyond goal. Congratulations to Perry Unit 1040. Not only did they reach goal, but also they have more than doubled their goal! They are currently at 216.67%. Wow what an awesome accomplishment! We have a long way to go yet for this year of celebrating our 100th birthday. With the Legion Act and the new eligibility, all of our Units can grow and we should see more goal Units.

The holidays are quickly approaching and while you are attending those holiday parties and celebrations talk about the ALA and all we do for Veterans, children and our communities. Wear your emblem proudly. Have an application with you at all times. Spread the word about all we do and why you joined the ALA.

Keep your eyes open waiting for Arnold the Rooster and Mad Hatter the Clock to drop in, collect member-ship, and say hello to all. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and keep those serving our Country in your thoughts and prayers.

“Celebrating Your Pride in Membership to Grow for the Future” is our membership theme for the 2019-2020 administrative year.
We need to maintain and grow our membership to continue to exist for the next 100 years. In order to try to stop the slide in membership, we will be working closely with the Division and District Membership Chairmen and Presidents. Remember, membership is EVERYONE’S job. Teamwork is the key to our success. Together everyone achieves more!

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We have some new Department awards for membership this year. We will have a Lincoln Pilgrimage award. Watch for more details! There is also a beautiful 100% membership pin for every Unit that reaches 100%. We will do these for the next three years with a special prize available to any Unit that gets all three at the 2022 Convention! The red pin will be for the 2020 year. The white pin will be for the 2021 year. The blue pin will be for the 2022 year.

All of the Department membership awards from last year will also be available. There are also some new National Awards. Target dates are on the website. Be sure to check the website for more details on all of these exciting new awards! You can also contact Department or one of us.
We had a membership workshop before the Board meeting on August 2, 2019. It is very sad to report that we only had 12 Units bring membership to the meeting.

National President Nicole Clapp and National Membership Chairman Pam Ray are encouraging Units to in-clude the community in all of your American Legion Auxiliary celebrations throughout the year. National will continue to waive the per capita for female veterans for their first year of membership. There will be new member post cards and The American Legion Family door hangers.

What is our goal for the coming year? The Unit goal will be to meet and exceed your membership from 2019. If your Unit ended with 50 members as of July 31, 2019, you reach 100% with 50 members (to receive the pin) but you have a goal of 51 members for this year. Additionally, we would like to challenge our Districts to reach a stretch goal of plus two members per Unit. If you had five Units in your District with five hundred members in total, the District stretch goal would be 510, two members for each of the five Units. With teamwork, your dedication and hard work, we can make this happen for our 100th year. Spread the word in your communities and invite the public to your functions. Remember this is a year to celebrate. Have fun and be sure to celebrate our 100th birthday!
Mary Collado and Susan Heinz-Wojcik

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