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“Recruiting today for tomorrow.”
Patti Williamson

Hello Officers of the Department of Illinois! Caravans are going great! We have had many first time attendees! Thank you so much to all the Unit Presidents that have attended. This is truly the best way to keep your members informed by attending meetings offered by the Department and reading at all of your meetings. The Department website is also an excellent resource for information, forms and links to other websites. We have some goal Units already!

Members can now join online through the National website! They fill out an application online, attest to their eligibility, pay, and receive a receipt. Departments will then verify their eligibility and they will be joined to the Department Unit 2910 and then referred to active Units near their hometown. Members are able to renew online still and now you can call 317-569-4536 and renew multiple family members and yes they accept credit cards. The first renewal notice has gone out by email for those members with online accounts with National. Paper copies are out for the members without registered emails. If members don't respond by January 2, 2017 for renewal by email, the second renewal notice will be paper notices only.

Two members from each Unit are allowed to have access to the ALAMIS system. There is a $10 fee per person charged by National which must be sent in with your application to Department (must be a Unit check, no personal checks accepted). This is for the calendar year only and Units must renew again in January. If one of the people signed up for access becomes sick or leaves, your unit can transfer the access to another unit member without paying an additional $10. Units need to email the Department Secretary Karen Boughan at for an application and return to her for authorized access to the ALAMIS. The Unit will then be emailed a video on how to use the system. This allows the Unit to make updates: add new members, update member information (name, address, phone number, email address, birthday, marital status), update Auxiliary magazine preference, update solicitation preference, request no mail, phone calls, add Unit leadership positions. ALAMIS access also allows the Unit to perform searches on if a member has paid dues, view member join date, track member’s membership activity, search for members in unit, filter and view only expired, junior or adult members, view member's continuous years of membership, view a member's member ID number, view a member's paid through date, see if a member is in a special category such as Paid Up For Life (PUFL) member or Honorary Life member (HLM). Your Unit can view reports such as: membership roster, leadership roster, who has paid their dues, members who have not paid their dues. This is a very useful tool and Units are encouraged to take advantage of it.

Just like the African proverb: It takes a village to raise a child
When it comes to Membership: It takes a team to be successful 
So whether you are a department membership chairman or a unit membership chairman the first step to ensuring you will have a successful membership year is to establish your team. You may already have committee members which have been established by your president but that does not mean you cannot invite other members to the team. 

The key to establishing a good membership team is diversity. Make sure you ask a variety of members to participate including young, old, new members, long-time members, and juniors.  By having an assortment of members on the team you will have many different points of view and ideas. 

Think about who would be good candidates for your membership team and jot down their names and contact information.
Now with your most positive and enthusiastic attitude, go ahead, give them a call and ask them to join your team. Let each perspective member know why you think they would be a good person to be on the team. Don’t get discouraged if a perspective team member can’t join the team, just keep asking until you have a well-rounded team.
Don't forget we add keys next month on 11-11-16.

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