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Chairman Deb Lewis

Teaming Up With Our Legislators to Bring Home the Gold!

The ALA Legislative program works with the Legion family and our elected Legislators to promote legislative priorities that strengthen our military, the VA system, Veteran’s affairs, and Americanism. While members are always encouraged to make their concerns known to their elected officials, it is important to remember to only refer to the American Legion when promoting specifically outlined objectives of the American Legion Legislative Agenda. An updated Legislative Agenda was published January 1, 2017. This update has many new and cutting edge priorities; all ALA members should familiarize themselves with the current Legislative Agenda. It is available for download in the Legislative section of the American Legion website (

Through the American Legion Legislative pages members can also sign up for alerts through the Legislative Action Center Action E-list. This program sends periodic reminders and updates about upcoming legislation the American Legion supports. The Legislative Action Center also provides a convenient system for contacting your Legislator regarding specific actions supported by the American Legion. It’s a simple and quick way to reach out to your elected official. There are currently two actions available to support; Expanding the Post 9/11 GI Bill and Supporting the American Legion Coin Bill. Take a moment to fill out your Legislative Action today!

There are many Legislative resources available for members through National. These will be outlined in an upcoming edition of the ALA Today.

Rules for National Awards have not been published yet but will be shared in the ALA Today and on the Department website when available. The Department awards will be:

1. 1978 Sluggers Legislative Plaque for the Unit with best overall participation in the Legislative Program. Rules will be published in the ALA Today and on the Department Website.

2. A $10 personal award for the runner up to the 1978 Sluggers Plaque.