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Patti Williamson

Our Department legislative theme is “Sounding the alarm to our legislators for 100 years.” To give you an idea of the strength of our voices together with The American Legion, in 1944 what became known as the GI Bill was signed into law that the Legion had presented the year before. Most recently the Forever GI bill was signed into law in 2019, JUST 2 YEARS AGO!!

Our legislative program provides information and assistance to American Legion Auxiliary members to advocate for the legislative agenda of the American Legion. The Sargent – At-Arms and her assistants should have passed out the latest agenda found on their website. As you can see the issues are varied from veterans issues to protecting the flag and support for Gold Star Families. The past has shown us, that together we can make it happen.

The American Legion Auxiliary Legislative Advocacy Guide is an excellent resource on helping you and your Unit get started on building a relationship with our legislators at all levels. It tells you how to find your legislators, how to contact them and even has some sample letters to write. You can find the guide on the National website or it can be ordered thru the Department. The National website also has a guide on how to host a successful “Meet the Candidate Night.” There is no need to reinvent the wheel,

Subscribe to the Legion’s Legislative Action Alerts through the National Legion Website to receive notification when they call on all Legion Family members to take immediate action on a topic.

Actively post The American Legion’s legislative priorities to social media.

Encourage all members to make their concerns known to their elected officials. Please remember to only refer to the American Legion when promoting specifically outlined objectives or the American Legion Legislative Agenda.

Attend local informational town hall meetings to become better informed and to network with other community and civic organizations.
Meet with state and national level public officials to discuss issues facing veterans, servicemembers and their families. If possible attend meetings with other Legion Family members, remember we are putting a face on legislative topics. We can share the human reality on how issues affect veterans and their families. Please complete the Legion’s Congressional Meeting Report form following any meeting with your US senator, US Representative or their staff members. The link to this and many other things will be on our website.

The National awards will be as follows :

Unit award: Most outstanding unit legislative program

Department awards:
1978 Sluggers Legislative Plaque for the Unit with the best overall participation in the Legislative Program.

A $10 personal award to the runner up to the 1978 Sluggers Legislative Plaque.

A $10 personal award to the member receiving the most replies by elected officials sent to me by email or snail mail.

Our Department will have to submit a mid year and year end report to National so please let me know what your members, units and Districts are doing to advocate for our veterans this year. Every time you do something or hear of something, just fire off a quick email or note. You will find my contact information on the Department website. So raise our voices loud and sound those alarms for our veterans!

Resources from National

Log into the National website to access these items
  • Legislative Advocacy Guide
  • How to contact Legislators to advocate for Veterans, Service Members and their Families

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