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American Legion Auxiliary
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"Shoot for the Moon to Advocate for our Veterans and their Issues."
Marsha Haag
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“Shoot For The Moon To Advocate for our Veterans and Their Issues”.

While advocating for the legislative agenda of the American Legion, Auxiliary members raise awareness for our mission and increase brand loyalty. (Goal 5)

The latest version of the Program Action Plan is available to everyone on the National ALA Website under Members only- Legislative. As every year, there is a wealth of information and suggestions for us to utilize so I encourage you to view it.

What can we do, you ask!!
1. Encourage members to be more knowledgeable to take action of the Legion Priorities.
Here are a few examples.
          A. Subscribe to the Legion’s Legislative Action Alerts and Legislative updates.
          B. Order or download the ALA Legislative Advocacy guide and use this to help Units build awareness in our communities.
          C. Post the Legion’s legislative priorities on social media
          D. Build a relationship with your Representative and Senators. If they have publications, subscribe to them
          E. Attend /organize town hall meetings to keep your communities better informed.
These are just a few examples.

The Legislative Action Alert and Updates are not only for me as your chairman but also for you all to utilize and share with Units, District and Division, county, whatever.

I’m hoping the Division and District chairman encourage the Units to contact your legislators. This can be face to face or written. We can keep on them to stay current with relative issues on Capitol Hill.

The American Legion Website has a lot of valuable information that I can’t begin to tell you everything. I hope to get in touch with my Legion counterpart and all work together so this way I can share with the Division chairman. Take time and do research on your own and stay informed.

The Washington DC Conference provides members with the tools necessary when you choose to visit your legislators on Capitol Hill. It is open to all members. There is a session specifically designed to discuss the issues in the House and Senate which precipitates good conversation with the congressmen.

We have to do mid year reporting SO when you do things, please let me know so I can include these items. We want them to know Illinois is busy working for your Veterans.

NOW, set your sights and aim for the honors!!

National Awards will be:
          1. Citation for the Unit in one of each of the Divisions that meets the criteria.
          2. Citation for the Department in one of each of the Divisions that meets the criteria.
Rules are in the Program Plan on the website.

Department Awards:
           1. 1978 Sluggers Legislative Plaque for the Unit with best overall participation in the Legislative Program. A narrative to this chairman will be needed.
           2. $10 personal award for the runner up to the 1978 Sluggers Plaque.

Rules will be available on the Department website shortly. Please be sure to follow the rules and also when applying for all awards, watch the dates.

I encourage everyone to make contacts. Don’t be afraid of these people, after all, you’ve elected them.


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