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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

Children and Youth

Chairman Michelle Woodburn

The Children & Youth Program emphasizes protecting, caring for and supporting children and youth, particularly those of veterans’ and military families. Please read the full Program Action Plan on the ALA Department of Illinois website ( for ideas and ways to complete the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary through participation in the Children and Youth program. There are some new program ideas located there with innovative and creative ways to complete them. All reporting and award information is also listed on this document.

Involve your Junior Members in all programs. They can relate to kids their own age and help them in ways we cannot imagine. Ask them for Ideas-You would be amazed the ideas they come up with!

In the State of Illinois, High School Sophomores complete a United States Constitution exam as a graduation requirement. Contact local high school history/government teachers to work with these students in conjunction with your Education committee. Look into the “Star Spangled Kids” and US Constitution programs for more information and ideas. The American Legion Oratorical Contest Semi-Final will take place March 3, 2018, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Springfield, IL. Collaborate with the Education committee for more program ideas. Assist Youth in reaching their personal goals for helping others by assisting them in applying and receiving grants for youth to apply for personal projects.

Youth Hero Awards/Good Deed Awards are an ALA program to recognize youth who demonstrate a heroic act of physical valor or who exemplify community service in action. They can be sent in all year long with no deadlines. The new nomination form and media release was updated in July 2017 and are on the Department of Illinois ALA Website. Please discard any previous forms. Support Military Children and Youth with Kids of Deployed Are Heroes 2, host or volunteer at a Family Readiness Group event where KDH2 “I’m a Hero 2” buttons/stickers can be distributed, and collaborate with ALA Girls State by recognizing citizens who are the daughters of service members with “I’m a Hero 2” buttons or stickers.

Help raise awareness to benefit any and Children and Youth demographic through Child Safety, Suicide Prevention/Presentations, Food Drives, Easter Egg Hunts, Christmas/Holiday parties, Carnivals, or assisting Homeless Veteran’s children. The Christmas Gift program and Illinois Special Olympics details and forms are on the ALA Illinois website. Please discard all previous forms and make sure to follow all listed deadlines.