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Rebecca "Sue" Johnson

As we move forward “Crafting a Brighter Future for Our Veterans “ this year I would like to give my action plan on “ The American Children of Illinois got talent” Even though in the Art Gallery of Department is not big enough to display all this wonderful talent we have a small section in the left hall for a couple of masterpieces.

As you’re out exploring for these artists we do have many traveling units in Illinois that will be able display these different genres of art. You might be able to take them to other Veteran associations to demonstrate and display our very own children’s talent. Or vise a versa have Veterans come in to teach our children both military and civilian many of the genres of art to release their hidden talents. Let it be said that all children have talents of the arts whether they continue them into adulthood is there choice. Creative work is play and play is life. It is free speculation using materials of one’s chosen form.

We have 4 major exhibits that will be required. The first exhibit is The Children gifting at Christmas time for the Children with special needs in our Institutions. The entries have to be received no later than October 22th, 2021 to me. I will not be able to take them after that date so please contact your children and youth gallerist and let them know. You might have someone in your gallery that could go in if allowed, and check out his or her talents maybe teach a crafting idea. Ex: Poppies poster. The paperwork for that data will be found in your folder please do not drop the ball agents, but get it to the collaborators of artist enrolled in our program.

The second exhibit will be found in many locations 3 times during the year for Special Olympics. We are keeping are fingers crossed that this performance in sports will not be canceled this year. These are the projected dates for these events. The first being called winter games, Feb 1-3 in two locations this year Chestnut and Eagle Ridge in Galena Illinois. We will need that manpower since they put the events in two spots. I will be getting back to everyone on the items to be donated. We will need as much funds for these 3 events. The second show is called welcome back summer games. I will have info to share in March. That one will be in many venues in Normal Bloomington on June 17th and 18th.. This will have new impressions and definitely many expressions. The last one is very interesting they call this show tennis. An authentic work of art must start an argument between the artist and his audience. This to will be held in Normal Bloomington but at the Tennis Club August 13-15th. Keep your eyes open for how you can all be involved in the new Special Olympics. The children need you and I need you. Plus it’s a part of getting the awards this year. They love the encouragement, support from the agony of defeat.

The third exhibit has no set dates and is unpredictable but needs to be accounted for because this art is not propaganda; it is a form of truth. When we look at this art it involves elements of improvisation and action. We may believe it is planned but it is done on impulse. The happening can be advertised by many means. Gather the facts, this art is the desire of man to express good deeds and heroism, to record the reactions of his or her personality to the world they live in. Every artist can participate at his or her local gallery. Please fill out the forms and email or mail a copy to me and send it to the main gallery headquarters. These children will be given certificates for you to reward. Call your media when giving the recipient the award for their accomplishment. This could happen at any time.

The fourth exhibit can be collaborated by a group of art dealers checking out the authenticity of talent in your area. You can do many things with this like follies, find their muse open to many genres: performing arts, narrative, comedian talent, kinetic sculpture, painters, improvisation, and crafters. Get a committee of art dealers and plan several events. It could be monthly or 3 or 4 times in the year. Artistic Aesthetics: An Exhibition on where they will take place with data how this talent was found and documentations of pictures. Please send this too many rather it is a grand champion piece, video of performance that I can show off at the last showing in July. This year these are the things I’m looking for the Beulah M. Unfer award. It is great to do the traditional venues but what I’m considering is out of the box. Yes, “ American Children of Illinois has Talent, So put out your recruits to find them. All artists start out as amateurs, but put a smile on the Veterans face when you combine them together. This concludes my recommendations Madame Director. Thanks for the new challenges and here’s to an artistic year.

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