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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation

Chairman Marsha Ziska

The VA&R theme this year is "GET IN THE GAME For OUR VETERANS".

The purpose of the VA&R program is as always, serving our Veterans. We are asking each Member, Unit, District and Division to think of ways to enhance the VA&R program so we can all meet at the finish line.
As the National Plan of Action will not be available till after convention has taken place, we will not have that information until later. We are told, the plans usually stay on course from year to year. BUT... with us, you never know.

The VA&R committee consist of Holiday Gift Chairman, Pam Corbin and Service to Veterans/Hospital Service Chairman, Carollee Junge. 

We can all work with the American Legion Family, your local VA facilities, local police depts, churches, emergency shelters, service officers and your County Veterans Assistance Commission offices. As we all know, donations are essential to keep this program alive.

We need to support the Creative Arts Festival as this is a great rehabilitation program. Please ask your Units, Districts and Divisions to set aside funds for this much needed program. Fundraising could be a great source of income for this program.

Please don't forget about our Military Care givers. They can all use our support.
Remember to donate to the Six Point Program and contribute your time and funds to the Fisher House Foundation.
Department awards are as follows:

Teri's Firecrackers Plaque to the UNIT with most overall participation in the VA&R program.

Carollee's Cookie plaque to the District with best overall participation in the VA&R program , (narrative form).

Our personal awards are: $10 for the Unit with most donations to the Creative Arts Festival.

$10 to the District with the most UNITS supporting the Caregivers program, sponsored by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation.

National awards will be printed in the ALA Today.

Mid year reports are due to the Chairman by Dec 1st, 2017.