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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation

Chairman Marsha Ziska

The VA&R theme this year is "GET IN THE GAME For OUR VETERANS".

The Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Program promotes our mission to enhance the lives of our Veterans, Military and their families. The V A & R Committee consist of three areas with a chairman leading each one, Holiday Gift Shop—Pam Corbin, and Service to Veterans / Hospital Service—Carollee Junge.

The ALA Programs and Action Plan for V A & R has shifted to a 5 year plan carrying through to 2022. The Action Plan will have yearly updates.

The V A & R Program provides opportunities for ALA members to service Veterans and their fami-lies by volunteering at a VA healthcare facility through the VA Volunteer Service Program, (VAVS) If you have no VA facility in your area, work with other Units and Posts to see what is needed. Veterans homes and other opportunities count toward your Service to Veterans hours.

The Creative Arts Festival is a wonderful way to work with and help our Veterans. The Caregiver program helps those who are helping our Veterans.
Educating ourselves and working together at the VA Hospitals, Veterans Homes and other VA facilities is key to doing the work we know that needs to be done.

Donations are essential to all the many programs we support.
The Quilts of Valor program is a program of comfort and healing to our Veterans. The Homeless Veteran is an ever increasing concern to all. Please see if your community can work with your Units on this most worthy cause. Volunteer at shelters, housing projects and finally, permanent housing. The Homeless Veteran population grows more each year.

Please work with the ALA family, local VA facilities Police depts., churches, County Veterans Assistance Commissions and Service Officers to claim all benefits due our Veterans.

Please ask your Units to turn in their reports telling of their volunteer efforts so we can better learn from each other ways to help our Veterans.

Please remember, mid year reports are due to this chairman by Dec 1st, 2017.

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