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Hospital Service

Chairman Carollee Junge

This year when you receive your new Hour Form you will notice it now askes for Hospital Service and Service to Veterans hours. The Home Service and Field Service category is no longer listed. (THANK YOU SHARON) Hospital Service is provided to a veteran at a VA facility.
Illinois Veterans Home is Service to Veterans and helping a veteran in his/her home, such as cooking a meal, cleaning, preparing taxes, if you transport the veteran to an appointment, etc. The Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation: A Guide for Volunteers is available by contacting the Department Office at a cost of $3.00. The guide will have two sections: Hospital Service Hours and Service to Veterans Hours. It will explain what is acceptable to receive Service to Veterans hours.

Information regarding services will be printed in the September issue of the ALA Today. Additional information can be obtained thru the National Website.

Volunteer hours run from April 1 to March 31. Donations made to the facilities is April 1 to March 31

September 15 will be the Representative and Deputy meeting at the Department Office. This is a meeting where they learn new things and previous procedures are discussed.

The Department Awards are as follows:
$15.00 - To the VAVS volunteer serving the greatest number of hours, excluding Representatives/Deputies.

$15.00 - To the “Service to Veterans” volunteer serving the greatest number of hours for a Junior.

$15.00 - To the “Service to Veterans” volunteer serving the greatest number of hours for a Senior.

Personal Awards:
$10.00 - Illinois Veterans Home volunteer serving the most hours for the year excluding Representatives/Deputies.

Resources from National

Log into the National website to access these items

Click Here: Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation

  • Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation: A Guide for Volunteers

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