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American Legion Auxiliary
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Public Relations

"Protecting the Image of our Organization with Good PR"
Angie Mulligan

Promoting who we are, what we do, and why we matter strengthens our brand and makes us appealing to potential members who will recognize our common goal of helping veterans, service members and their families.

Public Relations has two main goals this year:

1. Promote a positive image of the American Legion Auxiliary by supporting and promoting the efforts of Goal 5 of the Centennial Strategic Plan (with The American Legion, Build Brand Loyalty) and the use of the variety of public relations materials and resources available online.

Individual members can assist the Auxiliary in reaching this goal by:
          • Giving an Auxiliary Magazine gift subscription to your local library and doctors’ offices
          • Distribute ALA brochures and posters in the community at libraries, job fairs, medical facilities and post
            homes. Print brochures online from the member resources section of the National Website or from the    
            Department Secretary.
          • Wear officially branded ALA apparel and “Honoring Their Service” button when out and about.
          • Be prepared to answer when asked who the Auxiliary is, what we do in communities, and why we matter.

Units can assist by:
          • Developing a list of local media contacts for your unit.
          • Build relationships with your local media and political figures to educate them on who we are, what we do,
            and why we matter.
          • Write a letter to the editor and/or news release for patriotic holidays and events.
          • Familiarize yourself with and utilize the Public Relations Guide and Tips for Volunteer Recruitment toolkit.
          • Request a copy of a free 15-second version of the “Step Up, ALA” public service announcement. The links
            to both versions are available on our Department website.

2. Build brand loyalty of the American Legion Auxiliary through the utilization and promotion of websites, social media and other electronic communications.

Individual members can assist the Auxiliary in reaching this goal by:
          • Promote Auxiliary events on your personal social media accounts
          • Subscribe to ALA eNews and In the Know eBulletin via the National or Department sites
          • Link the Department or National sites in your personal email signature

Units can assist by:
          • Create or improve and actively maintain a unit website that adheres to brand standards.
          • Create and maintain an active social media presence for your unit on one or more platforms that you are
            comfortable with.

As part of my National report, I have been asked to submit information about various ways in which our units are participating in Public Relations activities. Most are simple questions that can be answered at any time. I will have a link set up on the Public Relations page of the Department website. You will also be able to continue to report using the same link throughout the year.

The Department Public Relations Awards are as follows:
          • Burns Reel Star’s Plaque for the best overall Unit Press Book submitted
          • Julia’s Musicians Plaque for the best District Press Book submitted
          • $15 for the Best Unit Newsletter.
          • Personal Award for most creative use of Social Media for promoting the Auxiliary

The National Public Relations Awards include:
          • Member Award: ALA Brand Ambassador (one member per department)
          • A Unit award for New Website / Facebook Page Launch
          • A Unit award for Outstanding PR Program

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