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"Free poppies honor those who serve and protect”
Diann O'Hara

The Poppy Program was designed to promote and educate people about the history of the poppy, and to make them aware of the sacrifices of our veterans. Our Units are always looking for revenues for your support of their programs. Why not use the poppy and its story to increase you revenues for your veterans programs? Since this program is Legion Family friendly, why not use everyone’s help in distributing poppies? Be sure to ask your Legionnaires, Sons, Riders, and especially your Juniors for their participation. Encourage participation in the poppy contests, Little Miss Poppy, and Miss Poppy. Get out in your communities and use the poppy as a tool to inform your friends and neighbors about the great work of The American Legion Family.

Most Units distribute free poppies over Memorial Day weekend in May. But let’s all remember that poppies can be distributed at any time and let’s all remember that poppies are free. As you are distributing poppies always remember that we do not sell poppies, we give them away. We take donations to support our veterans programs by giving 100% of all donations raised to our veterans and veteran’s programs. Whenever poppies are distributed be sure to have plenty of information on hand about our Veteran-made poppies. There are plenty of resources available, such as bookmarks, the Poppy Story, and the poem “In Flander’s Fields.” Remember, poppy funds can only be used for active military, veterans, or veteran’s programs.

National Chairman, Kathy Daudistel encourages us to use the image and story of the Flanders Field Poppy to educate people about the sacrifices of our military service members helping raise awareness of The Legion Family and link us to the mission in the eyes of the public. (Goal 5 of the Centennial Strategic Plan).
Wear a Veteran-made poppy with pride wherever you go. Then when asked why you are wearing the poppy, inform them about our veteran-made poppies, what they stand for, and how proud you are to be a member of The Legion Family and why you joined the American Legion Auxiliary.

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