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Chairman Barb Ziegenweide

Entering the Olympic Stadium with the Olympic Torch and Poppies in Hand”

For all the contest rules for 2017-2018, please go to the Department of Illinois – American Legion Auxiliary website to access all the files. Please remember that all rules must be followed so that entries do not get disqualified.

Any units needing information from the National Plan of Action for Poppies, please contact me and I will make sure you get a copy.

An excerpt from the National Plan of Action for Poppies for Units follows:
      Educate your community about how funds collected help veterans.
      Contact local legislative offices to announce poppy distribution days, and request            proclamations declaring Poppy Days in your community.
      Deliver poppies to local media outlets (television, newspaper, and radio) along with       facts about where and when poppies will be distributed in your community. Even if         they are not visible “on air,” these people tend to be influencers in the community.

For any members making items for all the various poppy contests, poppies can be purchased through your local Unit or Post. It's also possible that your unit may give some poppies to you for your project for the various contests.

I would be very interested in hearing what units are doing in their communities for poppy promotion.

“Entering the Olympic Stadium with the Olympic Torch and Poppies in Hand”

The Poppy Program was designed to promote and educate people about the history of the poppy, thereby making citizens aware of the sacrifices of our veterans. Typically, poppies are distributed over Memorial Day weekend; however, poppies can be distributed any time throughout the year.

It’s always great when the entire American Legion Family distributes poppies together, especially if the Junior members get involved.

The Department Office has many resources available for your units for your poppy distribution: Bookmarks, the Poppy Story, and the poem “In Flander’s Fields.”
Just a reminder that 100% of donations received from poppy distribution goes to veterans and veterans’ programs. Again, we distribute poppies for free – they are not sold.

Information about our annual Senior and Junior contests, Miss Poppy, Little Miss Poppy, as well as the annual Poppy Poster contest are in your packets. These forms will be updated with 2017-2018 dates and will be available online later this fall. As soon as the National Plan of Action is available, that information will be included in the annual Poppy article in the ALA Today.

The Department plaque awards are as follows:
(1) Margaret’s Gardeners to the unit with the best overall participation in the Poppy program and
(2) Judy’s Circus Performers Poppy Award for the most new and innovative way or idea of raising funds for the Poppy Program.

My personal awards will be a Runner-Up Award to each of the two Department Awards and will be a $10.00 award.

Resources from National

Log into the National website to access these items

Click Here: Poppy

  • Poppy Program Guide
  • Poppy Fact Sheet
  • Poppy Day News Release Template
  • Sample Poppy Proclamation
  • Donation Can Label
  • Poppy Bookmark
  • ALA In Flanders Field Poem Bookmark

Department Resources