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Our theme for the Poppy Program this year is: “Poppies from our Past will Guide us into the Future.”
Our theme for the Poppy Program will remain the same as last year: “Poppies from our Past will Guide us into the Future.”

Beth McGinn, National Poppy Chairman encourages us to use the image and story of the Flanders Field poppy to educate people about the sacrifices of our military service members to raise awareness of The American Legion Family.

Poppy distribution can be planned around Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and other times of the year that work well for your community and members. National Poppy Day is celebrated on the Friday before Memorial Day. Remember that poppies are free and we take donations to support our veterans and veterans programs. When distributing poppies make sure you have information on the Poppy (i.e. bookmarks, copy of “In Flanders Field” poem, and the Poppy Story.) The Department Office has many resources available. Emblem Sales also has poppy information that you can purchase.

Encourage The Legion Family to join you for Poppy Day(s). Encourage the Legionnaires and Sons to wear their caps when distributing poppies. Auxiliary members can wear Auxiliary shirts or poppy shirts. Our Juniors are a great asset to educate the schools on what the Poppy Program means. Encourage your Juniors to get involved in the Little Miss Poppy and Miss Poppy contest.

The following Poppy contests will be in effect for the 2020-2021 year: Poppy Corsage, Poppy Floral Arrangement, Poppy Holiday Arrangement, Poppy Tray Favors, Poppy Apparel. Poppy Poem, and Little Miss Poppy and Miss Poppy. We will also, work in conjunction with The American Legion, on the Poppy Poster Contest.

My department awards are Margaret’s Gardeners for the Unit with the best overall participation in the Poppy Program and Judy’s Circus Performers Award for the most new and innovative way or idea of raising funds for the Poppy Program.

For Little Miss Poppy and Miss Poppy, they will receive a tiara, sash, and a check for $50.

Personal awards of $10 will be given for the second place winners for Margaret’s Gardeners and Judy’s Circus Performers plaques.

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