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American Legion Auxiliary
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"Photo Evidence of Dedication to those who Serve and Protect"
Tina Abdelnour

I would like to start by thank President Luella for appointing me to this Chairmanship once again this year. I am looking forward to traveling around the state of Illinois taking pictures of the forensic evidence of our members taking care of our Veterans, Active Duty and their families. My slogan this year is “Photo Evidence of Dedication to those who Serve and Protect”.

I am challenging all of you to go back to your Divisions, Districts and Units and making sure that your Forensic Photo Book Chairman are doing their jobs and taking pictures at the various scenes of your events. We don’t want to miss collecting pictures showing the evidence that we honor, respect and care about our Veterans, Active Duty and military families and what they have sacrificed to protect us.

Once again this year as I am collecting the picture evidence this year, I will be uploading them to the facebook page called “IL American Legion Auxiliary Photo Book”. I upload them as albums. So if you are looking for certain events you can either scroll down through the page or go to the tab called “Photos” then select “Albums” and you will see them listed by the event. There are a couple of years listed there so make sure you select the correct year you want. This is a closed group so unless you join the group you will not be able to see the pictures. You will only see the page. Just ask to join. Any American Legion member can join. This means, Legion, Auxiliary or Sons of the American may join. Feel free to download any pictures from this page. I created this page because I had so many people asking for copies of picture I just didn’t have time to do that and this way you can pick the exact one you would like. This does NOT mean your Photo Book Person should not be taking their own pictures. This is to be used for additional pictures.

Remember, sometimes pictures can make more of an impact regarding an event than just words. So use your words and pictures to help recruit, get donations and spread the word about our programs and organizations.


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