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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois


Sharon Pechin

1. $10.00 personal award to the first unit with pictures of them participating in the craft assigned to their District.

2. $5.00 to the second unit or district with pictures of participating in the craft assigned to the District.

3. $5.00 to one winner in each Division submitting a fun picture of Patti at your meeting. Be sure to include the unit, district and people in the photograph.

4. $5.00 to the first Junior group to send pictures of Patti at the Junior Convention. Please identify the people and where you are from.

Illinois American Legion Family Image Event Site

The link to access the photos is:

Click on the photo album cover you see, and then the individual photo albums will appear. Each photo album has a description of the event and the date of the event.

If you wish to save any photo to your computer, click on the photo you want, press and hold or right click to choose “Save image as”, to save the photo to your electronic device.

Here you’ll also find the Department photo albums for last year, 2018 - 2019.