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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

Past Presidents Parley

Marsha Haag

Maintain, Mentor and Mend!!

The Past President Parley shares the experience and knowledge of past Auxiliary leaders to train and encourage the newer Auxiliary leadership. This committee also recognizes and honors outstanding unit members through the Unit Member of the Year and also the female veterans through the Salute to Servicewoman Award. Award rules and deadlines are outlined in the Fall packet.

This mailing also included the PPP Nurses Scholarship application information so please read carefully. We don’t want to disqualify anyone due to our (Unit) mistakes and oversights of the rules. Dates, deadlines and donation information is all included.

Department and National Award information is also included in the Fall mailing. Again, please read and follow directions and deadlines.

The Past Presidents are encouraged to mentor our Unit members. They are also encouraged to continue to support our ALA. We can be available to direct members who come upon conflict and assist with a plan.

PPP encourages our Units to remember the female veterans for Valentines’ Day and also to pay your Parley dues. Contact you VA Rep to find out how many female veterans are at their facilities and to their needs.

Also, if your Post and/or Unit has female veterans, you may wish to recognize them with a small gift.

As in the past, we will be having the Past President Parley/Gold Star banquet at the Department Convention. More information will be coming as Gold Star chairman Jill and I get organized.

Please keep me updated on any and all activities. It will help me to compile my mid-year report (by mid-December) and year-end report to the National Chairman.

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