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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

National Security

Chairman Sue Johnson

“Keeping your Athletes Safe, from Ground, Water and Space”

As our nation is at odds, we still continue to support and protect this great nation. I will not support or en-gage in events and programs that do not support or respect our Military and Veterans. They have made many sacrifices in order to guard our country from terrorists. As you prepare and train for the final Olym-pics in July we take more precautions to keep the games safe so you can complete your duties for the gold of veterans.

Be asking your division managers and district trainers for a copy of the packet on ideas in the action plan for 2017-22. Please visit National Security for the awards as a reminder to help you plan some great events for the Military and Veterans. I know you will all do a fantastic job of planning activities.

Award 1 Department plaque: Firehouse Crew National Security Plaque
Based on the unit with the best overall participation in the national security program.

Personal awards: Seniors-1 Operation Home Front for Olympians $10.00 Based on completing 4 events on the given list of suggestions with details in your report and pictures.

Seniors-2 who will get the Gold $10.00. Plan an outstanding blue star or gold star bash for Veterans, Military and their families, with a detailed report and pictures.

Juniors-1 Wounded Olympic Warrior $5.00. Set-up and raise the most funds in a fundraiser to support Op-eration Comfort Warrior to purchase supplies needed for the wounded with a detailed report and pictures.

Juniors –2 Secured the Premises Training Time $5.00. To organize an event that connects children of mili-tary families who has a deployed member in your community together with your juniors. Need a detail report and pictures.