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Pam Corbin

“We are Quilting a strong defense by supporting our service members and their families.”

National Security helps to support the emotional and social needs of active, reserve and transitioning military service members and their families. Some things you can do to help are support reserve and transitioning service members and families by working with returning National Guard or Reserve unit or an individual transitioning service member or family. Also you can greet service members and families as they deploy and/or return from a deployment. You could also organize a Welcome Hometown event to welcome military families that are moving or transitioning out of the military to your community. Something else to do is coordinate for community donations and assemble service member care packages and family member support packages.

A good program you can do is assist military spouses in getting and maintaining employment you could promote military spouse job fairs in your community and volunteer to help. You could also write an editorial about why military spouses make good employees. You could check with the guidance counselors at local schools and see if you could be on call to assist with military children. Also you can help military spouses get grant funds to start a small business. You can also create a scholarship fund for military spouses learning a new skill.

Completing a Community Emergency Response Training course is one way to support the National Security programs of The American Legion. Emergency Preparedness kits are a good way to prepare your neighbors and community if there is an Emergency situation. The need for Blood is always great so make sure you sign up to donate. The American Legion Legislative Action Alerts are free all you have to do is sign up for them. Be sure to act on the ones regarding a strong national defense and affecting current and transitioning service members and their families. Make sure you join with your Legion post to host a POW/MIA ceremony on National POW/MIA Recognition Day, commemorated annually on the third Friday in September. Don’t forget to support future military by presenting ROTC and JROTC recognition awards. You can also support your Legion posts and department to raise funds for Operation Comfort Warriors to provide supplies to wounded service members.

These examples of how to support our National Security Programs are just a few, you can get more information about other ways to help. I am enclosing a sheet to all the District and Division Presidents to take back and make sure all your units are aware of them, they are also available on the website.

I will be asking for the following question from the Districts to get from their units, because they will be part of my narrative report to National:

1. Did members organize Welcome To Our Hometown events? If so, what was most successful? Did they have any challenges?

2. What types of national security activities and/or projects were done at units in your department that weren’t near a military installation?

The National Awards will be as follows:
Unit Award: Most Outstanding Unit National Security Program (per division)
Deadline: June 1, 2021 - Send to national division chairman postmarked or emailed by 5 p.m. EST on the deadline listed above.
Salute to Servicewomen Award
• Deadline June 1
• All department entries must be sent by the department chairman.
More details are on the ALA National website.

The Department Award is as follows. 
Department Award:

1. Firehouse Crew plaque---to the Unit for the best overall participation in the National Security Program.

Personal Award:
1. $10.00 to the Runner up of the Firehouse Crew National Security Plaque.
2. $10.00 to the Unit presenting the most Blue Star and Gold Star Banners.
3. $10.00 to the Unit with the best recognition of ROTC/JROTC groups.
4. $10.00 to the Unit with the best support of the USO.

Please read all the information on the awards and follow the directions. Watch for any updates on the website.

Resources from National

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