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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

 Membership Liaision

Janet Bacon
(h) 815-784-3481
(c) 815-751-9344

Membership Liaison's duties are to assist our membership chairmen whenever and wherever necessary.  If you cannot reach Mary or Susan, please feel free to contact me.  If I cannot help you with the membership question I will search for the answer and get back to you.  Now is the time when you should be thinking of new ways to increase the membership of your Units.  Explore some of the possibilities that have been suggested in the past such as change the time or date of your meetings.  Allow members to bring their children and grandchildren to your meetings and if necessary do not meet every month.  Use social media. It it alright to make changes, and if they do not work, try it another way.  Think outside of the box.  I encourage District Presidents and Vice Presidents to go and visit many of your Units as possible.  If you hear a Unit that wants to close, get on the phone and call so we can see if there is a better solution.  You have heard the solgan, "Failure is not an option," well I believe that "Closing is not an option."  We will try our hardest to help those Units, so they don't have to close.  We will try our hardest to helo those Units, so they don't have to close.  Will Units close, only if we have tried every possible way to keep it open.  In closing, remember that membership is everyone's responsibility and do all you possibly can to "Celebrate Your Pride in Membership to Grow for the Future."

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