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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

Junior Activities

"The Cadets are always in training to serve our veterans"
Shelby Juds

The theme for the years Juniors is The Cadets are always in training to serve our Veterans.

The Junior Activities Program inspires active participation in members age 17 and under so that they will become engaging, productive members who will want to continue their American Legion Auxiliary membership into adulthood.

The four areas of emphasis for the Junior Activities program are as follows:
1) Increase Junior Membership
2) Engage Juniors in programs of the American Legion Auxiliary
3) Make Junior meetings fun and informative
4) Promote and encourage Junior participation in the Patch Program

National Awards this year include Best Overall Unit Junior Activities Award, Junior Member of the Year, and Best Media Coverage of Activity or Project.

Again this year the Department will have the Roses for Remembrance Shining Star Plaque to the Unit for the best overall participation in the Junior Activities Program. There will also be two personal awards presented:
1) To the Unit with second best participation in the Junior Activities Program
2) To the District with the best overall attendance at Junior Conference (calculated by percentage)

The 63rd Annual Department Junior Conference will be held April 8th and 9th, 2017. Honorary Department Junior President Nicole Kuhl will preside over this conference. Please read your ALA Today and the Department website for information on the conference. Rules for all the contests will be in the December packet, and conference information will be in the January/February packet. This information can also be found on the Department website.

Donations for the Junior Conference are needed and would be greatly appreciated. These donations will go to make the 63rd Annual Junior Conference an enjoyable experience for the Juniors. Please be generous with your donations as it is our responsibility to keep our Juniors interested in the American Legion Auxiliary.

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