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American Legion Auxiliary
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Holiday Gifts

Melinda Davis

“Celebrating Our Heroes at The Holidays and Throughout the Year”

The two Holidays that the American Legion Auxiliary provides financial support through the Department of Illinois to Veterans are the Holiday Gift Shops at Christmas and the Easter Program.

The Holiday Gift Shops are for the Veterans confined to V.A. facilities to be able to give a gift to their loved ones at the Holidays. They are given the choice of $10.00 gift cards from Walmart, Target, or McDonalds which the Auxiliary then sends to the Veteran’s loved ones. The purpose of the Gift cards is for the Veteran to have a gift to give His or Her loved ones for the Holiday. They are not for the personal use of the Veteran. The Veteran will be remembered with a gift through the Gift for Yanks Program. The Veteran is allowed one Gift Card for their Spouse and one for each child living at home under the age of 18. If there is no living Spouse or children, the Veteran is allowed one Gift Card to give to a parent or representative. We will
proceed with the Holiday Gift Shops this year and adjust as necessary depending on the restrictions in place at that time.

As the Gift Shops are finishing up, the Easter Program begins. The Easter Program provides a card and $5.00 to each Veteran in the V. A. Facilities, Nursing homes, rehab, and assisted living facilities throughout the state. Veterans that are confined to their homes because of their health issues will also be included. To take part in this program, Units must report the Veterans in those facilities or confined to their homes in their areas. Units do not include any Veterans that are confined to the VA facilities as they will be remembered by the Reps at that Facility. Easter Cards and $5.00 for each Veteran reported will be sent to the Unit Treasurer to be distributed by the Unit. Many Units then add money, gifts, treats and/or special activities to make this an event for the Veterans.

2022 Holiday Gift Shop Dates:
Illinois Veterans Home Anna                            November 30, 2022
Marion V A                                                          December 6, 2022
Illinois Veterans Home LaSalle                       December 16, 2022
Illiana Health Care System                              To Be Announced
Illinois Veterans Home Manteno                    December 7. 2022
Hines V A                                                            November 11, 2022
Illinois Veterans Home Quincy                        December 7, 2022
Jesse Brown West Side                                    December 8, 2022
Captain James A Lovell FHCC                        November 19, 2022
St Louis Jefferson Barracks                            To Be Announced