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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

History Project

Mary Jimmie Moade

“Preserve the Past–Ensure the future”

The heart of any organization’s history is in its records- to preserve and share items that officers members and volunteers have compiled during the year. In doing so this will contribute in other ways of success such as members are able to look back and learn from the past experience. They will know what efforts were successful or unsuccessful and why. Understanding the missteps as well as achievements can assist in determining future strategy,

We will learn how to develop the American Legion Auxiliary’s program and our projects to fulfill our mission of serving the veterans, service members and their families who sacrificed for this country of ours.

Anything that shows pride in our organization should be kept in our history.

This is a project for all members not just one person. I would be interested to learn of a unique way your Unit, District or Division has of keeping or displaying items.

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