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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

History Project

Chairman Lillian Seffrood

“Keeping Track of Gold from the Past"

The goal of the History Committee is to preserve and share the History of the American Legion Auxiliary other than the written History.

The history of the American Legion Auxiliary begins back in November 1919, and continues with you. The organization’s history, like any other history, is more than names and dates. It is about its membership and how it developed the ALA’s programs and projects to fulfill our mission of serving the veterans, service members, and their families who sacrifice much for this country of ours. A written history can only tell so much. However, when an organization’s history is told through the eyes of its membership, everyone learns a great deal more about who we are what we do, and why we matter

Things that have been donated from officers, members, and other volunteers that are unique to a certain year. Minutes of Unit, District, Division or Department meetings that highlight certain programs or fundraisers are special.

Anything that shows pride in our organization should be kept in our History. Local newspaper stories or awards should be noted.

This is a project for all members not just one person.

I would be interested to learn of a unique way your Unit, District , Division or Department has of using or displaying these items.

I look forward to hearing from you.