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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

Striving For Gold For Our Veterans

2017 - 2018 Department President Marsha Haag
Working Together We will Build a Strong Team

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President's Message

March / April 2018:

“Striving For Gold For Our Veterans” is in full swing.

We have been hearing of all the wonderful things our Unit members are doing to assist the veterans and their families. Thank you and keep up the good work. Please be sure to keep track of the hours, costs and all things related to your activities so you are ready for reporting in just a few short weeks.

The Legion Family membership caravan was a success. We, along with the American Le-gion and SAL collected membership. Past National Vice Commander had several good ideas to approach potential members and also stressed this was not only for the Legion but for the entire family. Let’s see if we can try and fish for new members, reel them in and have them join our TEAM!!!!!

It’s the time of year we meet for the Patriotic Conference. Mark your calendar for March 23rd where we will enjoy speakers, hear from last year’s Girls Nation Senators and most im-portant, meet our National ALA President, Diane Duscheck. Junior Activities will have their fundraising event, we are collecting merchandise for Buddy Baskets and our Department Fi-nance Committee will be holding a Basket Raffle. Come join us. Seating is still available so get your lunch reservations sent in soon!!!!

I’m looking forward to Junior Conference. This year Alexa Lewis will preside as our Depart-ment Honorary Junior President. All Junior members are welcome and remember, they don’t have a cost for registration, only their evening meal. It should be an exciting weekend, if I know my chairman, Marcia.

A delegation from Illinois will be attending the Washington Conference later in Feb. This is where our impact numbers really come into play. Our congressmen and women use these numbers to lobby for needs and necessities for our veterans. We have promised to care for them and their issues and it’s our responsibility to uphold that promise.
If you recall, we stressed the importance of tracking our activity for all our programs so we can share these hours of service and cost of service. Be sure to encourage all Unit members to do this and our numbers will be off the mark. I can be almost positive all the time and tal-ents are not recorded. Imagine if it was. Jot it down on a calendar, take to the meetings and consolidate for the reporting. ALSO, use these numbers and activity to apply for the Depart-ment and National awards.

As you all know, next year will be an increase in our per capita. REMEMBER, you have to make changes to your Constitution and ByLaws. 

It can be done any time and chairman, Ann Flanagan is waiting to hear from you.
I have merchandise available. Please consider a blanket, tote or garment bag for gifts or raffles. All proceeds after the cost of merchandise will go to my special projects. There was an ad in last ALA Today and I stated that for $5 over cost of the item, I’d mail it to you. That offer is still good.

Thank you to all who have donated physical items for 1Pet1Vet. Dave and I ran up there last Saturday for a delivery. We have more accumulating for another trip. She was so excited and already that day, opened bags of treats to share with the animals there for a training session. Molly and her veteran will be graduating in June while Jake and his veteran will graduate in Decem-ber. What a rewarding day. Playing with a couple younger puppies was fun too. I shared a few pictures on Facebook and Mary will have more for my photo book, later.

It has been an exciting and somewhat challenging venture thus far. I truly appreciate all the hard work our members are do-ing. We are a TEAM and yes, we can make a difference.

Have a great month and Erin Go Braugh!!

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Garment Bag $ 16
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Folding Tote Bag $ 8
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Fleece Blanket $ 20

President Marsha still has her membership merchandise for sale.  The Garment Bags are $ 16.00, Fleece Blanket is $ 20.00, and folding tote bag is $ 8.00. Shipping for the Garment bag and Fleece blanket are $ 6, and $2 for the folding tote.

Contact President Marsha at for orders and assistance.


President's Special Project - 1 Pet, 1 Vet

Every day, 22 veterans will commit suicide. 1pet1vet Inc. NFP fights to limit the negative effects of war on our veterans.

Service dogs are walking prescriptions for those suffering from PTSD and other psychological medical conditions. 1Pet1Vet Inc. NFP provides trained service dogs to be companions for our veterans. These exceptional canines are paired with a veteran then expertly trained to serve our country's heroes.

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