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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

Department Convention 

President Abraham Lincoln Hotel a Doubletree by Hilton

The Ninety-seventh Department Convention of the American Legion Auxiliary is hereby called, and, in conformity with Article VI, Section 2, of the Department Constitution, which provides that the annual Department Convention, if feasible, shall be held at the same time and place as that of The American Legion, or otherwise, as determined by the Department Board of Directors. The American Legion, Department of Illinois is meeting in Springfield, Illinois.

The Convention is called for the purpose of electing officers for the ensuing year and delegates and alternates for National Convention, amending the Department Bylaws, receiving reports of Department Officers and Committees, and for the transaction of such other business as may be brought before it.

Representation at the Convention shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Department Constitution, Article VI, Section 3. Delegates to the Department Convention shall be as follows:
Each Unit shall be entitled to one delegate and one alternate; and for every fifty members or major fraction thereof, one other delegate and alternate shall be allowed, provided the current dues as fixed by the Bylaws have been received by the Department Treasurer thirty days prior to the date of the annual Convention. Units organized within this thirty-day period shall be entitled to representation in the Convention. Other voting members shall be the Department Officers, the Past Department Presidents, the Division Presidents, the Division Presidents-elect, the District Presidents, the District Presidents-elect, the Presidents and Presidents-elect of County Organizations, the two Department Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms, the Chairmen of Standing and Convention committees, the Service to Veterans Director, the Holiday Gifts Chairman, the Department Hospital Representatives and the Field Service Facility Directors.

Each Unit is entitled to elect a number of alternates equal to the number of delegates to which such Unit is entitled.
Alternates will have the power to vote only in the absence of the regular delegates.
The selection of alternates to represent absent delegates is a matter of decision within the respective Unit. Alternates must be listed on the Credentials Certificate.

The number of delegates to which each Unit is entitled shall be determined by the membership records of June 13, 2017, as shown on the books of the Department. Credentials of properly certified delegates and alternates will be distributed as follows: Wednesday, July 12, 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.; Thursday, July 13, 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. If arriving after 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, credentials may be picked up in the Department Convention Office. Credentials MUST BE PICKED UP by 11:00 a.m. Friday to vote.

Registration will be conducted in the Pre-Function Foyer of the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel a Doubletree by Hilton, 701 E. Adams St, Springfield, IL until 8:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The registration fee of ten dollars ($10.00) per delegate must accompany the Credential Certificate before delegates can be registered and credentials given out. COMPLETED AND CERTIFIED CREDENTIAL CERTIFICATE MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE DEPARTMENT OFFICE BY NOON ON WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 2017. Any member whose Credential Certificate is received after NOON on Wednesday, July 12, 2017, will attend the Convention as a Guest.

A registration fee of ten dollars ($10.00)per alternate must be paid for all alternates attending Convention meetings. Alternates must be listed on the Credential Certificate, whether attending or not. All registered Delegates and Alternates will receive a Book of Reports when picking up their badges. 

All guests attending Convention meetings must pay a $4.00 registration fee to receive a badge. This does not include a Book of Reports. Guests paying $8.00 will receive a badge and a Book of Reports. Book of Reports will be available at a cost of $8.00 at the registration table for those wishing to purchase extra books.

Housing and Convention meetings will be in the President Abraham Lincoln a Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, 701 E. Adams St, Springfield
Reservations are to be made over the phone by calling 1-866-788-1860.
Deadline for reservations is June 20, 2017
Room rates are:
Standard Level Room - $107.00 plus tax
Presidential Level Jr Suite - $159.00 plus tax (Jr Suites are limited and on a first come first served basis only Call Dept Secretary Karen if you would like to reserve a Jr Suite)
Make your reservations early and plan on attending!

Resolutions to be presented at the Department Convention must be typewritten in triplicate, signed by two delegates and filed with the Department Executive Secretary before they will be considered by the Convention Resolution Committee. They should be sent in advance to Department Headquarters – if late, they must be filed no later than 10:00 a.m., Friday, July 14 in the Department Convention Office.

Caucus time and locations, if deemed necessary, will be announced on Thursday, July 13tth.

An election for Department Officers, Delegates and Alternates to National Convention will be held Friday at approximately 11:30 a.m. in the Ballroom. ALL DELEGATES MUST BE SEATED IN THEIR DELEGATION PRIOR TO 11:00 a.m. AS DOORS WILL BE CLOSED AND NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER OR LEAVE UNTIL VOTING IS FINISHED.

Processional of Colors is limited to District, Division and Department Flags. Stands must be brought for each set of flags.

All flags must be registered prior to opening of Convention: Wednesday, July 12th, 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. or Thursday, July 13th, 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. in the Mary Todd Room of the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel a Doubletree by Hilton.


According to Unit Bylaws, ARTICLE VI, Section 5 (b), “Each Unit shall elect a delegate(s) and alternate(s) to the Department Convention. The President and incoming President shall have preference as nominees”.

In accordance with the above Bylaw, the following rules MUST BE FOLLOWED:
- Units should forward their completed Credential Certificate to Department Headquarters at least two weeks prior to Department Convention. This allows time for processing credentials. Credential Certificates will only be accepted until Noon on Wednesday, July 12, 2017.

- All elected delegates and alternates MUST BE LISTED on the Credential Certificate, WHETHER ATTENDING OR NOT. This is necessary to verify the changing of an alternate to a delegate at Department Convention due to illness, etc. ALTERNATES LISTED ON THE CREDENTIAL CERTIFICATES ARE THE ONLY ONES ELIGIBLE TO BECOME DELEGATES.

- If a Unit has a change after their Credential Certificate has been mailed in, the change must be forwarded to Department Headquarters IN WRITING, SIGNED BY THE UNIT PRESIDENT, WITH A COPY OF UNIT MINUTES VERIFYING THE CHANGE.

- When forwarding your Credential Certificate, a Unit must send $10.00 for each delegate and $10.00 for each Alternate. This fee includes a Book of Reports.

If a Credential Certificate is not forwarded prior to Department Convention:
- Credential Certificates will only be accepted until Noon on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 and must be submitted to the Convention Office. ONLY the UNIT PRESIDENT OR UNIT DELEGATE can hand carry a completed Credential Certificate including all required signatures to the Department Convention.

- If a Credential Certificate is not brought in, the Unit delegate MUST HAVE A COPY OF THEIR UNIT MINUTES CERTIFYING THE ELECTION OF DELEGATES AND ALTERNATES to the Department Convention and they must be PROPERLY SIGNED.

Any member who has not been officially elected as a delegate or alternate by their Unit MUST REGISTER AS A GUEST to enter the Convention Hall by paying a $4.00 registration fee which does not include a Book of Reports OR by paying an $8.00 registration fee which does include a Book of Reports.

ALL BADGES MUST BE PICKED UP BY THE INDIVIDUAL delegate or alternate at the Credentials Table upon arrival. This ensures all certified individuals will have proper credentials when needed. All delegates and alternates picking up their badges will receive a Book of Reports.

If a Unit has a member serving in one of the capacities listed on the Credential Certificate, they are to be added to the Credential Certificate in the proper spaces AND their $10.00 registration fee, remitted at the same time.
Additional Books of Annual Reports may be purchased at a cost of $8.00 at the Credential Table.

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