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American Legion Auxiliary
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Children and Youth

"Dedicated to Serving, Helping, Supporting, and Protecting
Our Children and Youth For a Bright, Strong Future"
Linda Fagan
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The Children and Youth theme this year is, “Dedicated to Serving, Helping, Supporting, and Protecting Our Children and Youth For a Strong, Bright Future.”

Today we know our children are growing up and living in a much different world than what we had when we were young. But to prepare them to thrive in this new world we need to be there to care for, protect, and support them, especially those of our veterans and deployed military. Our future is in their hands.

National Objectives for this year are to:
1. Support the Children and Youth in your communities with the implementation of the
American Legion Auxiliary and American Legion Children and Youth programs.
          a. Promote the “Star Spangled Kids” program by educating children and youth on the history of the United      
              States from the aspect of patriotism and Americanism.
          b. Promote the Youth Hero Awards by recognizing youth who demonstrate heroic acts of bravery.
          c. Promote Good Deed Awards to youth who have contributed in a special way to society through a
              community service positive action.
          d. Promote and support Child Safety, Suicide, Fire, Crime, and Drug Prevention.
          e. Promote The American Legion Oratorical Contest.

2. Support Military Children and Youth
          a.  Promote the “Kids of Deployed are Heros 2” program by attending a deployment and giving the children
               of those deployed buttons to let them know their sacrifice of a parent or loved ones military separation is
           b. Plan a celebration, host a dinner, do a game night for military children during April for the Month of the
               Military Child.
           c. Support GI Josh dogs and accompanying storybook by identifying a child whose parent or sibling is
           d. Volunteer at a Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) camp program.

3. Support Veteransʼ Children and Youth
           a. Identify homeless veteranʼs children in your community.
           b. Buy the book, “Klinger, a Story of Honor and Hope”, with the companion horse for children who are
               grieving the loss of a military loved one.

The Department Awards are:
Beulah M. Unfer Plaque - to the Unit Chairman who submits the best overall participation in the Children and Youth Program

Marilyn's Bargain Shopper Award - to the District Chairman with the best overall report on District activities in the Children and Youth Program.

Personal Awards of $10.00 each will be presented to:
The runner up of each Department Plaque/Award

The best program promoting the "Star Spangled Kids."  The entry is to be a narrative sent to the Department Children and Youth Chairman.

The individual submitting the most Youth Hero Awards/Good Deed Awards to the Department Secretary and a copy to the Department Children and Youth Chairman.

There are several National Children and Youth Awards which are detailed on the National website under the Children and Youth Action Plan. 

District Presidents the necessary report forms for participation in the Christmas Gift Program can be found under Resources or if you need to have them mailed please contact me. The request form is due to me no later than October 12, 2016.  

Please remember to utilize both the Department and National websites for valuable information on the how tos of promoting the Children and Youth programs.

Please watch for information on the Children and Youth Scholarship and Special Olympics in the upcoming ALA Today Newsletter.

I would like to leave you with this quote, Author Unknown; "Children are one third of our population and all our future."

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