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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois


"God Protects, as we serve our Organization Spiritually"
Linda Kilmer 


My theme is: "God Protects, as we Serve our Organization Spiritually"

Our founding principal of service is to God and Country. We also, want to be available to our members to provide spiritual guidance and prayer.

Being a Chaplain, you will be responsible for conducting functions with prayer, such as opening and closing a meeting, table grace, memorial services, and expressing sympathy to the loss of loved ones.

To learn more, read the Chaplain duties in our Unit Handbook. The American Legion Auxiliary has a Chaplain's book with prayers, there are prayers in the unit handbook and other resources that you may want to use or you can certainly give your own.

Unit Chaplains should keep a list of deceased members and send this information promptly to your District Chaplain and to me, as Department Chaplain. Please send any title she may have held; if she was a Charter Member, or a Gold Star Member. Please include information of the deceased family member, name and address, so I am able to send a sympathy card. Be sure to send the data form to the Department office.

Something a little different this year, I have a prayer bag that I will bring to each meeting and you will be given index cards and I am asking you to write a prayer, words of encouragement, a poem or whatever for our President Luella, put them in the bag by the end of the session and Luella can take home and enjoy, then I will put them into a book for her to keep and look over when she needs a boost. Please include your name and unit number. Thank you for participating.

I will be compiling a "Book of Prayers" for Department President Luella, you can never have too many prayers being said for you. I would like prayers, poems, and devotional thoughts submitted from Unit, District and Division Chaplains, Officers, Chairman and members.

"Margaret's Gems of 80's Plaque" will be awarded to the Unit Chaplain who submits the best "Book of Prayers" directly to this Chaplain. There will be no District elimination. Personal awards for the best District Book of Prayers and the best Division Book of Prayers.

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