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American Legion Auxiliary
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LaVera Davis


As we start another Auxiliary year, we invite all members to join us in support of our veterans, military, our Gold Star families, others in our communities, and the rest of our legion family, by praying, sending e-mails, making friendly visits, and sending cards when you cannot physically be there. You may also join the Department and National Chaplain pages already set up on facebook.

Please keep in mind that our prayers and devotional thoughts must be kept non-denominational.

I would like to be informed of what you have done so I may inform National mid-year and in May of next year.

Our form for reporting a death will be sent in the fall packet and will also be on line. That information should be reported to your District, Division and Department Chairmen so we may respond to the families as well.

All Chaplains are encouraged to make a Prayer Book to include prayers, devotional thoughts and poems for your President. These are to be forwarded to the Department Chaplain. They will be returned for you to present after displayed at Department Convention. All members should start now to send at least one copy of a prayer, devotional thought or poem to your Unit, District and Department Chaplain. Our Juniors are encouraged to do the same and follow the guidelines of the Junior Activities Chairman.

There will be one Department Award for Best Unit Prayer Book. If allowed two Personal Awards will be awarded at Department convention. One for the first prayer received by the Department Chairman for President Deb’s Prayer Book and one for the Best Division Prayer Book.

Congratulations to all appointed Chaplains for this Auxiliary year. We hope you can join us at Convention for the Memorial Service. Your duties and suggestions for activities will appear in the September ALA Today from Department.

Please remember February 3, 1943 and plan to tell The Story of the Four Chaplains.

“Humans have no advantage over animals. We all have the same breath.”

Resources from National

Log into the National website to access these items
  • Chaplain's Manual
  • Chaplain's Prayer Book
  • The Story of the Four Chaplains
  • The National Chaplain Program Action Plan

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