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Chaplain Tina Abdelnour

I know with all the prayers that the members and I will be sending up to heaven that this is going to be a year full of greatness, fulfillment, and productivity. This year I talked to President Marsha and Karen about starting an American Legion Auxiliary Department of Illinois Chaplain’s Facebook page. I have been a member of the National’s Chaplains Facebook page for a couple of years and I really like it. What I would like this page to be used for is the following:

1. Prayers for President Marsha, our organization and our members.
2. Prayers for our Veterans, Active Military, and their families.
3. Encouraging words or blessings for President Marsha, our organization and members.
4. Death notices and funeral information. (So that more people from around the state that only get to see people at the Patriotic or State Convention will be notified).
5. Prayer needs of our members and updated information. (This will allow people to pray, give an encouraging word or possibly be able to help with the situation.

Please when posting something on this page remember, you do not need to give names of who the prayer is for since sometimes those people don’t want that info given out, just post the need. This is a closed Facebook page, which means only people belonging to this page will be able to see it.

The Facebook page name is: American Legion Auxiliary Dept of Illinois Chaplain’s Page. Please request to be a friend of this page so that you will have access to it. Also, be sure to pass on the existence of this page to your members of your various Divisions, Districts and Units.

This year I will be giving out the “Margaret’s Gems of Eighty” plaque for the best Unit Book of Prayers. Please encourage your Unit Chaplains to submit one.

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