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Chaplains at all levels, remember we are here to support our military families, our members, and our community, providing spiritual and emotional guidance when needed. The prayers and devotional thoughts must be kept non-denominational.

The Department award for this year is Patti’s Crafters Plaque for the best Unit Book of Prayers and there will be five personal awards.

The Senior and Junior prayer book contest rules, all department awards, and death notification form will be included in the September Fall packet. The death notification form should be reported to your District, Division, and Department Chaplains.

All Chaplain’s are encourage to make a Book of Prayers that include prayers, devotional thoughts, and poems for your Unit President. These books are to be forwarded to the Department Chaplain or brought with you to Department Convention. The books will be placed on the display table at Department Convention and returned back to you when the display room closes for you to present to your President.

Please send me your prayers, devotional thoughts, or poems for President Janet’s book. It will be great to have something from every Unit in Illinois.

Keep me informed of what you are doing so I can report this information to National for the mid-year report and end of year report.

There is a Chaplain’s page on Facebook which is a closed group, The group is called “American Legion Auxiliary Department of Illinois Chaplain’s Page.” Feel free to check out the page. You can also find more information on the Department and National websites.

May God keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Resources from National

Log into the National website to access these items
  • Chaplain's Manual
  • Chaplain's Prayer Book
  • The Story of the Four Chaplains
  • The National Chaplain Program Action Plan

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