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American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Illinois

100th Anniversary Celebration

100th Anniversary Ornament Order Form

You may use them as ornaments – or if you would like to attach the star or circle or oval on your Auxiliary bags and would like a key ring to do so, just put the number of key rings you need.

Thank you for your orders. This is very exciting as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the American Legion Auxiliary.

The 100th Anniversary and History Committee:

While Units are gathering information to continue the 100th Anniversary Celebration and to submit for the Unit and/or District information for the website (and I do have forms with me), we are asking them to make extra copies of those pictures for their History Committee (formerly Cavalcade of Memories) to display. This is a great time to update and add to their Unit's History. The information submitted for the Unit's 100th Anniversary has been great -- one Unit traded eggs for dues years ago! Another Unit sent out to all their members -- including the ones who were members but not active due to mileage to the Unit -- asking their memories of previous Unit functions, such as collecting Kal Kan dog food labels for seeing eye dogs or dressing up the doll for the National Security program. Members have wonderful memories of years past in the Auxiliary -- just ask them to share!

The 100th Anniversary celebration is still being planned to take place at Patriotic Conference in 2021 as well as another bash at Department Convention. The 100th Anniversary ornaments or briefcase/luggage tags are still for sale. Co-Chairmen Terri Trout & Jill Layton, together with Department President Sue, are working together for some fun activities as we continue to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the American Legion Auxiliary. There will be some exciting news on our activities in the very near future so stay tuned!!!

Department History Committee Chairman (formerly Cavalcade of Memories) Jill Layton

100th Anniversary Co-Chairmen Terri Trout & Jill Layton

100th Anniversary American Legion Auxiliary Unit Information